Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Queen and the Vet

Well, the Queen has been hacking around for a couple of days, once yesterday she coughed/gagged so hard that she knocked herself over. Called the vet and couldn't get in until this morning. (For any new readers, the Queen is our soon to be 17 year old Yorkshire Terrier.)

We get to the Vet's office this morning and weigh in...4.4 pounds. She is amazing, keeps her weight so carefully. After the indignity of a temperature check, the Vet arrives and listens to her heart and lungs. THEN he scares me a little by ordering an X-Ray. As usual, I am concerned that this might be THE DAY every pet owner dreads...the day when you must make the decision to put your beloved furry friend down.

The X-Ray shows a slightly enlarged heart and liver, but no masses or anything that the Vet is very worried about at her age. Then, we have the TALK about when he really encourages pet owners to put down their animal. He encourages owners to be aware of their pets getting "lost" in the house, getting in a corner and whining, pottying in their beds or in the house.

The Queen has some pretty serious cataracts, so I have been noticing her using the walls and furniture to navigate lately. But, other than the annoying cough/gag she is still the ruler of all she surveys. She is demanding of her carrots, dog biscuits and outside time. She still doesn't really like being held and petted (except at the Vet's office). The Vet said to keep an eye on her, and to think about his guidelines, but he did not recommend any drastic measures at this time. He gave her a B-12 shot and an antibiotic to help her drainage and sent us home.

The Queen will begin taking an oral antibiotic 5 days every 3 weeks to keep the oogie boogies in check in her mouth. The Vet is not sure she is a good candidate for anesthetic and a thorough cleaning. So, we continue our walk with our geriatric pet, dreading that day which shall surely come, when the Queen will need to go to her new realm. Until then, Long Live the Queen!