Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day

Just returned from Oklahoma where we attended our youngest daughter-in-law's graduation ceremony from the University of Oklahoma. What an exciting time for her and our son! They have been married almost one year now, have bought their first home, got one of them through school, and hosted their first big party! Our son was amazed at how much work was involved with having family and friends over and actually cooking a meal!! He was exhausted! Here's to many more family dinners at their house!

It was so great to see our middle son, too. He lives and works in Florida so visits are few and far between. It was a great treat to actually get to talk with him face to face.

I didn't get to see my Mom today as she was in Kansas City attending my niece's graduation from college. I am grateful for my Mom who has always been such a loving, caring woman, and taught me by her example to do the same. Thanks also to all the women who have stood in the gap for me as I have walked this earth...Doris, Norma, Toni, Sue, Cynthia, Fannie, Diane - your love and prayers have meant so much.