Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Such an anomaly.  We are experiencing snow, on Christmas Eve! 

Right now my youngest son and daughter-in-law are piled up in a chair allegedly watching a movie and the fire, while their sweet little four-month-old son naps in another room.  (I think they are also napping.)  We met for breakfast and Pace was the cutest baby in the place, of course.  While we were in the restaurant, the snow started in earnest!  It is comforting to know that we are snug inside.

Our oldest son is without electricity due to the ferocious storm blowing in Lawton, OK.  When I called to check on him and his family, they were getting ready to go to WalMart to warm up, then, hopefully, their electricity would be fixed and they could be home.  No fun to be in the snow when the wind is blowing fifty miles an hour!

Our middle son and newest daughter-in-law are happily spending their first Christmas Eve together as a married couple.  They are expecting her parents and siblings for breakfast in the morning and for packages.  The rest of the Christmas festivities may have to be postponed due to sleet and blowing snow in the Oklahoma City area.

My Mom is safe and snug in her home and will be glad to have all of us come see her when all this mess is gone!  

All in all, a lovely time to reflect on the birth of my Savior, to be thankful for a wonderful husband, terrific children, and tremendous grandchildren.  May your Christmas be filled with the love and joy of the Father's gift to the world, His Son, Christ Jesus.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Let Christmas Come

I have my Christmas tree up!  I didn't put one up last year due to the fact that I didn't have any of my sons here to retrieve the tree and ornaments from the attic.  (I am banned from attics, but that is a different story.)  Also, we were going to be gone for most of December and it seemed like a whole lot of trouble for MY few days of enjoyment.  Anyhoo, I missed it too much to skip another year, also, I have a new grandbaby who will most likely be by the house at least once before Christmas!   Photo ops!   I am going to hang up the stockings-15 this year!  I hope our mantel is long enough!  I guess I'll have to pin the dogs' and cat's stockings to their owner's stockings, which brings it up to 18.  Then, my decorating will officially be finished for this year.

I love the Christmas season, most of all for the joy of knowing Whose birth I celebrate at this time.  As a child, of course, it was all about the toys and other presents, but now, I am aware of the sacrifice Jesus made to come to earth as a human baby, to grow up as a young man, and to make the decision to go through the horrors of the crucifixion.  Although Easter is the ultimate high point of the Christian year, His resurrection fulfilling the prophecies of the Messiah, the fact of His birth in a stable moves me, especially this year.  Maybe it was hearing the first cry of our newest grandchild, and the joy that brought to all of us waiting.   Whatever caused it, I am again thankful for the Savior.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for this year. I have a precious new grandson who is by far and away the cutest thing to come down the pike this year in our family. My husband, TBO, puts up with all my whinging and only really gets torqued when I am waaay out of line. I have wonderful sons and daughters-in-law, and six other terrific grandchildren.

But I have had a rough time the last few weeks. I have never thought that I could be depressed. I found out differently. It seemed as though my life had totally spun out of MY control, my control being the operative words here. I discovered that I lack the ability in my own strength and self to control anything.

Life is sometimes tedious, as my Mom says every once in a while. I believe the tediousness just kind of overtook me for a few weeks. I wallowed in unhappiness and ungratefulness until I finally realized what was happening...I had truly forgotten to be thankful for all my blessings and for the One Who has been so extravagant with them to me.

I have a loving husband who would do anything for me, if I would remember to ask him, not expect him to read my mind. I have a beautiful home for which I have, to my shame, not shown much gratitude for lately.

I merely forgot to continue to be thankful. So tonight, on the eve of Thanksgiving, I say, thank you, Lord, for always providing for me and my family. Thank you, TBO, for loving me when I am lovable and when I am a pain. Thank you, my sweet sons and daughters-in-law and grandchildren for just letting me be me-sometimes good, sometimes, not so good! Thank you to my friends who put up with my stuff, who hold me accountable, who love me through the good times and the bad ones.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Wedding Festivities

Our friends had their last child get married this weekend...number six!  It was a groom, so Mom and Dad were a little less stressed than when it was one of their girls!  We were asked to the rehearsal dinner as well as the wedding itself.  I'm sure some of the bride's family was wondering what we were doing there, but, the Lord put these special ones in our lives and we feel like we are part of their family.  The rehearsal dinner was really fun and following the tradition they began when their oldest daughter got married, people shared fun stories about the bride and groom. Hearing some of the stories from their childhoods was priceless.  Some of the stories about not so long ago were also amazing!

The wedding itself could not have been more beautiful.  The ceremony took place outside in a vineyard here in North Texas.  This bride had a lot of faith for the weather, I must say! Everything went as planned and the weather cooperated fully.  

The aunt of the groom invited TBO and me to come to her home for breakfast on Sunday morning...once again, I am thinking some of these people don't even know me, but we went!  It was such a fun time getting to know Auntie's in-laws, and hearing the story of their courtship. TBO said it seemed as if they were doing a stand-up routine it was so funny and well done.  They will have been married fifty years in a couple of months.  I love hearing of marriages like that. We only have fifteen more to go to make it to fifty...ooh, I am feeling kind of old all of a sudden!

So tonight, I am vegging.  Seriously vegging.  I cannot find a thing on DirectTV I want to see, so as soon as I finish this post, I am going to locate my favorite chick flick, pop some popcorn and veg out to the max!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Queen

Many of you know about our almost 18 year old Yorkshire Terrier, Sweet Pea, aka the Queen.  She lived with us for the last 5 years of her life, and I think she enjoyed her life with us.  Yesterday, I had to make that decision which all owners of older pets dread.  The Queen left us quietly, in my arms to go to the place where her deafness, blindness, arthritis, confusion, and "inappropriate eliminations" will no longer be  problems.  She will be missed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Blog Fodder

TBO and I met Janie, from SoundingForth, for lunch today.  She was in town on business and had time to stop before heading west.  It was, as always, a treat to spend time with her.  She makes me tired just listening to her schedule!

As we were leaving, she was headed to the ladies' room, and I remembered the time TBO wandered into the ladies' instead of the gents' on our way home from a conference in Branson. According to Janie, there is no statute of limitations on blog fodder.  So here goes.

We are tired, cranky and both in need of a bathroom.  We pull into a Love's in eastern Oklahoma somewhere.  I race into the store and locate the restroom, barely making it into the stall in time. 

As I am about to leave my stall, I hear a rather familiar voice talking to another definitely MALE voice.  I'm thinking, OMG, I've gone into the men's room by mistake.  I tell you, I can flat fly out of a stall, wash hands hastily-no time for drying-and beat feet out of there.  As I open the door, I look at the sign.  It is DEFINITELY the little girls' room.  I go back in and call out to TBO and say, "Is that you?"   

"Yes, it is."  came a rather sheepish reply.  I asked what he was doing there and he said, "I don't know, the guy who followed me in here and I were talking and not paying attention to the signs, obviously!"

I hurried out of the way so as not to embarrass the other gentleman.  When we got into the truck, TBO said, "We kind of thought something was wrong when it was so clean and there were no urinals, but we both had to go too bad to leave!"  Shades of Working Girl!  We laughed all the way to Oklahoma City.

Every time we stop at a Love's, you can bet I check the signs carefully-and listen for familiar voices!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold Wedding

We traveled to Navasota, Texas this weekend for TBO to perform the wedding of a young man we have know for a long time and his fiance.

The wedding was held at the bride's family home, under some amazing trees of some sort...sorry, I am ignorant of most things botanical except for the most obvious! The guests were seated on hay bales, which, by the way, make pretty comfortable seating, and there was standing room only. The only drawback was that it had been raining for most of the week, and although it was not raining during the ceremony, it was DAMP, and a very cool wind decided to kick up. There were blankets around for people to use, but I had to go back to our truck to retrieve our "travelling" blanket! My "balemates" were three older people, one of whom did not have a coat...I shared! I was very glad to have had said blanket by the end of the evening.

The bride and groom were beautiful and handsome, their attendants were stunning, and their flower girl and ring bearer were scene stealers. Lovely dinner, watched the cake being cut, then decided we were too old and cold to stay for the dancing.

When we returned to our motel, I put on all the clothes I could find and piled up in the bed to warm up. I was very charming looking, I must say. The best was the sweater on top of the nightgown, and the socks. TBO laughed, but I did get warm!

As some know, I am not a great fan of gray, dark, rainy days. I am OFFICIALLY ready for a little sunshine now. The weather forecast is not looking promising until Friday. I will be looking forward to Friday with great anticipation!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Showered Out

Yesterday my friend had two, count 'em, two showers at her home! One, a baby shower for her youngest daughter and two, a wedding shower for her last unmarried son's impending nuptials.

Since we live on the opposite side of the county from my friend and her husband, TBO took me up to their house yesterday morning and dropped me off at 7:30 am on his way to a men's meeting. Only my friend and her husband, whom I had awakened with my agreed upon phone call were up...for a few moments. The oldest of the four grandchildren staying with them soon joined us and we were busy with the feeding and watering of them, then the youngest was up, nursed, and I got to play with her for a while so her Mom could get a shower.

Full blown prep mode ensued for the baby shower at 10:00. Arranging the tables, making sure the drinks were ready, giving lessons on telling time to the anxious little guys about the arrival of their much beloved cousin, generally trying to help. The shower was beautiful, food sublime, lots of wonderful gifts for the sweet little guy who is due to make his appearance in about 7 weeks...can't believe it's time already!

Clean up, load the dishwasher, wrangle the baby, visit with said baby's parents and aunt and uncle a little, enjoy a little down time with my special, God sent friend who never lets me whine! Then, whammo, it is time to begin preparations for the next shower. We work to find the best arrangement of chairs and tables for the food and drinks. The caterer arrives-such a sweetie-so accommodating and willing to work with my friend and her desires. Another bout of time telling lessons, and now it is time for the next shower.

Again, lots of fun people, lovely gifts and a grand time had by all. Looking forward to seeing all these people in about a month at the wedding! TBO and I left about 9:30 pm to make the trek home. Amazing day, but I was ready for my bed. Hope things are back in order in the north portion of the county!

I am so blessed by the Lord with wonderful friends who allow me to participate fully in their lives and the lives of their children. And for their children who allow me access to them, too!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


This past week and a half has been amazingly busy for someone who does not work outside the home. I got home from helping my Mom on the 15th. We had friends who were in town for a conference staying with us, which was wonderful. They left on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon, some other friends from the conference came by after lunch and stayed for the evening. The Wii got a good workout and we all had a great time together!

Sunday we sort of vegged out and read and did laundry. Monday morning we went out to run errands and to pick out a replacement vacuum cleaner (thank the Lord for extended warranties!) Our friends from Midland called on their way into town for the wife to get her hair cut and colored by the colorist and stylist extraordinaires here in the DFW area.

Tuesday we had breakfast with our friends, then TBO and her hubby went on their way, while we began the beautification process! I was just the cheerleader, really, and even left for a while during the coloring process. We met up again for an early dinner, then they left for a few days at Lake Granbury.

Tuesday night about 9:30 I got a call from our friends...the lake house rental was not quite what they had expected. So they came back and stayed with us for the night and began looking at rentals again!

Off our friends go on Wednesday morning, inviting us to come down on Thursday evening for dinner. Errands to be run, grocery shopping to be done, bank deposits to be made...

Thursday I met our daughter-in-law and newest grandson and one of my friends for lunch. I tell you that this little guy is the cutest pride involved, of course. Then we drove to Granbury and had a tremendous time. We took a boat ride and looked at the gorgeous properties and came back and enjoyed a "gormay" dinner! I wish I could say I stayed awake on the way home, but I'd be lying!

Friday was spent with a lovely young couple for lunch and fellowship, then home to crash.

Saturday saw me running up I-35 to a baby shower, which was a lot of fun. Home now blogging about my week...

Next week I am subbing for three days...I will be ready for the weekend again!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Leaving Mom

I am getting ready to leave my Mom on her own after her surgery. It is a little more difficult than I had thought it would be, but I need to go home, at least for a few days.

Mom and I have a rather full day planned for today. She is going to get dressed for the first time since we left for the hospital on September 2! We are making some really important stops today: the bank, the license tag office and the public library. We are hoping that I can do the standing in line at the tag office, and that they won't require her to come in. The library is a little more of a challenge...I could probably pick out a book or two, but Mom is such a prolific reader that I'm not sure I could find things she hasn't read!

My sister and I had a little "chat" with Mom yesterday about wearing her "I've fallen and can't get up" necklace, instead of hanging it on the bedpost, asking for specific help-which she doesn't seem to be able to do, remembering that the doctor has said no lifting, pulling or pushing...offers of staying at my sister's house, etc. I really think that once we get the staples removed from her incisions tomorrow, she will feel better, but I don't know if I will feel all that much better! If she were eating better, maybe I'd not be in such a snit, and she does seem to be a little better today.

Knowing she is on the mend is wonderful, yet I struggle with the leaving. It is now that I wish we weren't three and a half hours away, that we were much closer, so I could check on her daily, yet let her have her independence. My control issues are bubbling to the surface. I will have to entrust her to the One Who cares so much more for her than I do and do my checking via telephone.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nursing: Not My Calling

Some of you know that my Mom has had some surgery this last week. Now my Mom is almost 80 years old, has had one hip and both knees replaced, so she is one tough lady. She had her gall bladder removed and a resection of her colon due to a HUGE polyp removal. The gall bladder surgery was easily done laproscopically (sp?), but the colon resection was too low and she had to be opened up for that surgery. All went amazingly well, she did not have to have an ostomy bag, and the polyp was biopsied and is NOT malignant. We all are praising the Lord for this, as well as her amazing recovery.

My sister and I have split hospital duties. We each took a night staying with Mom and each took most of a day alone being Mom's advocate, gofer, and walking partner! We let her stay alone last night at her insistence. The nursing we did was minimal, and we both were just a little queasy when the REAL nurse removed a drain tube and some other kind of tubing...ewww! (These had to come out so that she could come home.)

Mom had surgery on Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. She came home from the hospital today, Saturday, at 4:00 p.m., just in time to see her beloved Sooners play!

Thanks to all of you who joined with our family to pray for Mom. I will be here for several days until we, the non-nursing sisters, decide Mom is okay to be on her own.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Averted Tragedy

We were in Trophy Club overnight on Friday to attend a meeting on Friday and Saturday. Since our friends there love us so much, they allow us to bring the Queen whenever we spend the night. As Her Majesty seems to be losing the battle of the cataracts, it requires constant supervision when she takes her constitutionals. She has been at their home, and in their yard innumerable times, and up until yesterday was able to navigate quite well around the pool, particularly in the daytime.

Yesterday morning, the fear that I had feared came upon me. We were sitting with our friends on the patio, poolside. I realized that HM probably needed to come out, so I carried the Queen out to do her business, set her down on the pool apron, then, splish (a four pound dog doesn't make a splash)! The Queen had misjudged the distance and was now in the pool. I am so shocked that I just let out a wasn't that loud, I think. But our hostess, was johnny-on-the spot, reached in and grabbed the thoroughly frightened, ratty looking Queen out of the pool. This was a selfless act for my sweet friend...she really doesn't even like dogs, she tolerates them, plus she was down on her belly in her white jeans retrieving MY dog, while I stood there being shocked.

It took the Queen quite a while to calm down and quit shaking. She has recovered now and is back to her imperious self...barking and running in circles begging for whatever treat she can get. Redoubled efforts on her keeper's part to help her "see" her environment will ensue.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Baby!

Our friends in Morocco just sent us word that their daughter arrived on Saturday morning. She is beautiful, like her older sister and brother (and Mom and Dad, of course!) It will be a little harder for me to go and do my Nana thing this time for them. I will just have to redouble my prayers and believe that the Lord knows right where they are, and just what they need. I know that this little girl will be a blessing to her family, and I look forward to holding her as I have her siblings whenever that happens.

Our youngest grandson has been practicing playing on his floor mat, and his Mommy sent me pictures this morning of him focusing on the hanging toys! He is, of course, so very clever, since he is only 1 week old, and seems to be tracking, according to his parents. I do believe he is going to have his mother's beautiful dark eyes. It will be said of him, I am sure, that he is a brown-eyed handsome man! Can't wait to make the next trip to Oklahoma to see him (fourteen days but who's counting?)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Well, I wasn't even paying any attention and I realized that I had made it to 100 blogs. Huh, who'd a thunk I'd stick with it? I sure didn't. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings, you are true friends-or gluttons for punishment.

Today I am resting up from a marathon of cleaning yesterday. I am not much of a housekeeper, which I have admitted freely in the past. When I left a couple of weeks ago for baby arrivals, I had to leave the house unvacuumed, undusted, unmopped, etc. due to a knee injury. Wonder of wonders, the housekeeping police did NOT arrive in my absence and cite me for nastiness.

TBO went to east Texas yesterday for a meeting and I decided that I would do all the above in one day. Now, I am generally opposed to doing that much manual labor on any given day, but I felt the opportunity had presented itself and I should avail myself of it. Also, I only had the unairconditioned Volvo at my disposal, which made leaving less of an option.

I also had a grand plan of action. I would do one set of "work", then I would watch one episode of "The West Wing". I had enough to do that I made it through 8 episodes yesterday. Now, that may surprise you, but I actually finished all of my list about episode 5! The rest of the day was spent recovering with ice on my knee, back and elbow. The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be.

Anyway, it was lovely to go to bed with fresh sheets last night. And especially marvelous to awaken to clean floors and no giant dust bunnies peering at me from the night stand. If I recover from my frenzy, I'll try to get back on my schedule of cleaning so I don't have to do this again!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New grandbabies

It has been an exciting few days in Oklahoma. My stepgranddaughter gave birth on Friday to a precious little boy, well, not so little, 8lb. 2 oz. for a little bitty 100 pound girl, but she delivered normally after a tough 20 hour labor. I wasn't present for the birth as I was tending to one of his uncles. The little guy is having a few minor health problems, so please pray for him.

Our youngest son and his wife had their first child today...another grandson. He was born this afternoon about 6:09 pm after about 12 of hours labor in the hospital. He weighed in at 7 lbs, 14 oz and was 20.5 inches long. He is mighty cute, and seems to be doing very well. Mom and Dad are, too! It was a long day for Nana Pam, but oh so worth it.

I think I shall call it a day and try to get some sleep. I'm glad I'm just the grandma and I don't have to get up with either one of the sweet darlings!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quiet on the Circle

We have had a spate of visitors in the last week. Don't get me wrong, I love having people at the house, and try to be a good hostess, but yesterday we sent off the last of a week's straight worth of houseguests!

TBO's brother and daughter were in for one night last week. It was wonderful to have them here, especially since I had not seen our niece for about 5 years (they live in Phoenix). Our niece has just finished a term as a Senate Page in Washington, D.C. Although I hadn't seen her in several years, I imagine that this experience will be much like our middle son's Philmont Scout Ranch experience - we sent a boy to New Mexico, and an amazingly mature young man returned. Our niece will be a senior in high school this year, but I would lay odds that she is the most mature young woman in Phoenix. She is bright, funny, aware, reads the NEWSPAPER (!), and an all around lovely child. I know her Mom and Dad are incredibly proud of her, as are her aunt and uncle.

Janie from Sounding Forth and her husband came in late Thursday and spent the weekend with us. We ALWAYS have a great time with them. They had to go home on Monday, but we were still trying to get them to stay...we were figuring out ways to fix beds for them and our next guests...but they felt they should get home to the ZZ crew.

Monday afternoon, TBO's brother and daughter came back...our niece had been visiting a fellow page in Dallas along with several other pages, and BIL had been to OKC. He and his sister rode the train to Fort Worth, and his daughter rode the TRE to Fort Worth. I sent TBO to the train station while I did a quick tidy up job, washed towels and ran to the grocery store. We had a great dinner and played a "bookshelf" game called Acquire. Lots of fun was had by all.

Tuesday, we went to Grapevine and picked up our oldest grandson for the day. He also had not seen our niece for about 5 years. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium which was awesome. I am not really that into fish, but there were many more species there! We then went to the Sixth Floor Museum. I had been several years ago when my oldest son was in high school, but the exhibit has changed and expanded since then. Even the 10 year old was totally engaged.

Driving in Dallas makes me crazy. I do much better in the insanity that is Fort Worth! Adventures in Dallas driving included: almost being run off the road by an 18 wheeler, 2 near misses of small cars in the next lane as I tried to make my exit to the aquarium, missing the turn to 635W and having to retrace our route, (but only once), nearly missing the 360S exit. Not too bad, I guess. I should say that my BIL drove home from Dallas and that all mistakes in navigation were MY fault, but to my defense, I WAS sitting in the back seat! Bless BIL's heart, he traversed the streets of Dallas to pick up our vehicle and pick us all up at the Sixth Floor. SIL and I probably would not have made the trek back to the aquarium with our bad knees and hips.

Yesterday, SIL had to be at the train station in Fort Worth at 5:00 pm, and BIL and daughter had to be at DFW at 6:30. Fun time to be leaving anywhere! We got SIL to the train as it was boarding, then got to DFW right on time! Wahoo! Success!

So, now what to do? SIL got the sheets washed and put back on the beds for me before she left. The towels are done. I guess I'll go clean the bathroom, run the vacuum and dust before the next crew arrives. Give me a day or two, okay?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Guests

We have had the joy to have Janie from Soundingforth and TMSL with us this weekend. It is always a fun time when they are here.

Friday Janie and I spent the day at the salon getting her hair colored and cut. I am always amazed at the process of coloring hair. I have had low lights put in a couple of times, but since I was having a red shade put in, which I hear is the hardest to keep in, I soon abandoned that idea and just let the hair go gray. There is enough red left that the gray looks strawberry blondish, in fact, when I got my passport several years ago, I took a poll at the application center as to what color I should put down as my hair color. They said blonde, to my delight, and not white! Yet, to this day, I consider myself a redhead. Kind of like the Marines, I guess, once a redhead, always a redhead.

Yesterday Janie, TMSL, and TBO went downtown and other places in search of computer parts. I opted for vacuuming and returning things to Target. Later we went to dinner at Del Friscos in Fort Worth-YUMMY is the only adjective I can think of to describe everything I had to eat or drink. Next we went to the Jubilee Theatre's production of Sam Shade the Musical. If you have a chance, go see this. Great voices, clever dialog and plot, good dancers, super time.

Today we went to brunch, then came home to more computer stuff. I don't understand much of what is going on, and frankly, don't want to know! That's why I have TBO around - much to his chagrin at times - to be my resident computer guru.

We are planning on watching a great old movie as soon as TBO and TMSL get back from buying yet more computer parts!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The End of Festivities

Yesterday three of my friends and I had a receptions for our middle son and his new bride. Many of his friends and ours were unable to make the wedding last month, so this was a chance for some of them to meet our new DIL.

One of my friends' nephews has a wonderful facility at his home that they use for family gatherings. She was able to gfor us to have the reception there. It was absolutely perfect. I am so grateful for such wonderful friends.

Now, on to baby watch...our newest grandson is due on August 12...I wonder if he will be on time? He's a first baby, so who knows?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hot and Tired

I am officially tired of hot weather and it's only the middle of July. I probably should just build a bridge and get over it since I live in Texas and we are likely to have at least two more months of HOT weather.

It is actually supposed to be much cooler this weekend...maybe as low, LOW??as 90 tomorrow and Sunday.

I knew it was hot on Tuesday when I could get out on the lawn tractor at 9:00 in the morning without worrying about the grass being too wet to cut. It was only about 89 degrees that morning, but had climbed up to the mid to upper 90s by the time I finished. But it's a dry heat as they say in Arizona. Ha. Heat is heat is heat.

I shall quit for today as I am only capable of whining! Thinking thoughts of cool autumn days and nights.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sewing troubles

I am not much of a seamstress, I confess. I bought some fabric last week to make another top for my daughter-in-law, and finally had time to think about cutting it out today. Obviously I need to have a refresher course in reading the AMOUNT of fabric required. I overlooked a minor requirement and now do not have enough to make said garment...not sure I can find more either. Perhaps the newest grandson will enjoy a bright red shirt or something!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trattoria Il Centro

If you are ever in Oklahoma City and want a great Italian meal, I highly recommend Trattoria Il Centro downtown. It is located in the old Montgomery building and has a wonderful menu and experienced waitstaff.

Our son's rehearsal dinner was held there Friday night. Everything was delightful. We had such a great time and I think everyone there enjoyed the evening.

I want to thank Maggie, Greg and Stephanie for answering all my questions and helping me put on a most memorable evening.

Do give this restaurant a try if you haven't. I know we will be going back.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Wedding

Those of you who know me and if you have been reading my posts for the last little bit, know our middle son was married on Saturday night.

The wedding was beautiful, held at a lovely bed and breakfast in Tulsa, OK. The bride was radiant and the most comfortably shod...she was barefoot! Gotta love that. I didn't know it until my sister-in-law told me. I always watch the groom as the bride enters, and missed seeing her tootsies.

K & K did a wonderful job planning this. They had great catering and the staff at the "mansion" were so incredibly accomodating and helpful.

They are off to California on Monday for a few days of honeymoon, then back to the real world.

Have a great time dear ones. I love you.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Weather Blues

It is always interesting to endure springtime weather in Texas. On Wednesday I was supposed to have picked up our grandson for his uncle's wedding. The weather predictions were horrific, and his mom and I decided we'd wait until Thursday to meet up. Good decision.

During the night sometime, we lost power at our house. We know it was around 3:00 a.m. because TBO's CPAP quit, and he was UP!! I didn't notice until sometime around 5:00 when I became aware of the lack of CPAP swooshes and no fan breeze. We decided after our call to report our outage to see if we could find a place for breakfast, since we are total electric, and neither of us was going to be happy without our coffee. We stumble around in the dark finding clothes and set off, find a restaurant with power and enjoy our breakfast.

TBO was a little concerned because he had not put the wedding order of service on a jump drive, and since we had no power, he had no way to do so. He had printed out a trial copy, and found that, thankfully. We both tried to sleep a little after we got home, but TBO really doesn't rest well without his CPAP. By now, I'm getting concerned about the contents of the refrigerator and freezer...not much in there, but still, I wouldn't want to replace it all.

At 11:00 we started loading the truck to make the trip to pick up the grandson and go to the wedding. It began to thunder and lightning so close that even The Queen (our ancient Yorkie who doesn't hear well)was disturbed. Before we could get it all in, the bottom fell out and before we could finish, I looked like a drowned rat. Hair and clothes were soaked, shoes were squishy, just generally nasty looking and feeling.

When we arrived at our meeting spot, we had to virtually unload the back of the truck and dry it out (we have a cover for the bed, but during the loading process lots of water got in), repack and make room for the grandson's things, etc.

By this time, TBO and I were hungry, our 6:00 a.m. breakfast has gone. We stop to grab a bite and I ran back to the restroom to wash up. There, hanging on the wall was my new best friend. A hand dryer! My hair was STILL sopping wet, and although I hadn't used one of these as a hair dryer in about 37 years, I was so excited! Dried a little of the top layer, especially the bangs which were amazingly gross looking.
When I went to college back in 1970, there were not many hand held hair dryers in Oklahoma yet. I, and many of my friends used the hand dryers in our communal bathroom to dry our hair. It was a blast from the past, I must say. I would have done more drying yesterday had there not been someone else in the restroom. Anyway, it made the drive a little less wet!

By the way, the power came back on about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Whew!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Third Pair Make the Grade

I am done shopping for apparel for this wedding.

TBO and I went to one store yesterday and found the absolutely most beautiful shoes to wear with my dress for the wedding. One of few that had a heel that wasn't 4 inches tall, in my size, and the right color. I am officially the Imelda Marcos of Rendon, TX with shoes for this event! Officially, I have purchased 3 pairs of sandals, but now I am satisfied, as is my fashion advisor (TBO).

Let the festivities begin.

Friday, June 5, 2009

One Week To Go

It is just one week til our social event of the year...aka our middle son's wedding! We have gotten all the RSVPs for the rehearsal dinner and are ready to call in the final count. I picked up my dress from my friend who did the alterations yesterday and my shoes arrived in the mail. I got my eyebrows and lip waxed (being very fair skinned, I tend to have interesting reactions to these procedures, thought it would be prudent to do them early). Made my appointment for my manicure and pedicure, already have my hair appointments...yes plural. One here to have a trim from my most marvelous hairdresser, and one the morning of the wedding to be coiffed and hairsprayed into submission for the ceremony and pictures by my mom's equally wonderful hairdresser. Can you say "football helmet hair" ala Sally Field in "Steel Magnolias"?

Sound ready, right? Not so much. My resident fashion expert, aka TBO, has decided he's not sure about my shoes...ok. So, later this afternoon we are going back out on a search for silver shoes, or pewter, whichever we can find in size 10, low heeled, that don't cost an arm and a leg and kill my feet. I have seen a pair online that I hope are in a local store...will let you know about the success or failure later.

Friday, May 29, 2009


I am not an accomplished seamstress-read rank amateur-but can usually follow a Simplicity patter for EASY garments. My daughter-in-law is expecting in August and I thought I could make her a few little tops for her wardrobe.

Well, back when I was having babies, granted my "baby" will be 26 soon, there were always several patterns to choose from, even in the Simplicity book. Now, in the current book I looked at on Sunday, there were 4, count 'em, 4 patterns. Period. I was only able to find one in the size I needed for DIL.

I purchase some fabric and notions and think I'll just whip these first two out. Well, someone forgot to tell the people at Simplicity what simplicity means. Oh my goodness, such convoluted, confusing and sometimes even missing instructions. They did have good illustrations, though, which did give me some help!

I am thanking Mrs. Reynolds, my 7th grade Home Ec teacher right now for her patient instruction, as well as my mom's friends Bonnie and Doris who bailed me out of many a mess.

I finished one top and am mailing it off this morning for DIL to try on and see if she even likes the style, and if it even remotely fits. If not, I guess I'll chalk it up to a fun day at the machine!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleaning Woes

As any of you who have EVER read one of my posts realizes, I really do not like housework. Particularly vacuuming, mopping, dusting, cleaning bathrooms. I don't mind doing the laundry so much, but am not a great fan of ironing, either.

Yesterday, I decided that the spots on the living room carpet had to be dealt with. In my misplaced enthusiasm, I also decided to move all the furniture out and REALLY do a bang up job. I must say, it does look good now, but I may be paying with a sore back and muscles for the rest of my life.

Of course I picked the most humid day of the year to do this little deed, so between running the shampooer, the air conditioner at arctic temperatures and fans to try and dry the carpet, I am not sure it might not have been more cost efficient to pay for someone to come in and do the job.

All that remains is the final vacuuming and replacing the furniture...I shall ask for help today, trust me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am ecstatic to report success in two areas that have been bugging the crap out of me lately: a dress to wear to our son's wedding in June and a venue for the rehearsal dinner for said wedding. With help from blogging buddies these two items are now off my plate!

Janie, from Soundingforth, found the PERFECT dress last week out in Midland. To top off the color, cut, style, etc., it was on sale for $36. Can you beat that? I think not. It was not exactly the color my new daughter-in-law had suggested, but, when she saw the dress last night, she agreed that it was THE ONE!!!!

Snooty Primadona has also helped me in the venue department. Although none of her suggestions were used, she at least got me moving and looking at places in Oklahoma City. TBO and I made a trip up to OKC on Monday with the express goal of finding a venue. Actually, TBO did almost all the work once we were in OKC and got online and everything.,,thanks, honey. He set up the appointment for the place we ultimately contracted with and downtown we went. Everything was what I had envisioned and we had our son, the groom to be, with us and he approved also. We are set. Signed, sealed, not quite delivered, but I am confident we chose wisely. Before we left the restaurant, we decided to have lunch and try some of the entrees on the list for the dinner. Had a great server who was just the right amount of attentive. The food was excellent. And to top it off, when we got the check, the manager had comped our meals. I was blown away again. Now just the minor details of the invitations, response cards, decorations....

Friday, April 10, 2009


I know I said I hated wallpaper, but now I have turned my hatred to painting. I had successfully avoided painting much more than a little patch in my hallway until yesterday. I now remember why I haven't painted in about 30 is messy, you have to go up and down ladders--for someone of my size that is a BIG issue--and some people criticize your work (as if!)

We have, hopefully, one more coat to finish the guest bathroom then, if we haven't killed one another, we may try to finish the powder room, which only needs one coat of color, again, said with hope! Finally, one coat on the kitchen ceiling and the walls and we have our project finished. I just don't know if I can make it.

TBO acted as if I had asked him to commit some major crime when I asked him if he would rehang the trim around the doors of the bathroom. I guess he was just going to leave the sheetrock showing...I don't think so! Anyway, that may involve painting be continued.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wallpaper, I hate wallpaper!

I have been stripping wallpaper last night and today in preparation for popcorn ceilings being removed and texture applied onto said stripped walls. Some of you know that this process began about 2 years ago with me pulling the paper off the kitchen walls and the powder room walls...still bare sheetrock today. Now the walls of the second bathroom are bare also even as I write this, the ceiling is being scraped.

We are one step closer to having paint on the walls, hallelujah. Possibly tomorrow we will have texture and smooth ceilings.

Now, I just have to get my hands, back and legs to quit hurting...where is my ibuprofen bottle?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extra Grandma

I am the "extra grandma" for six, soon to be eight sweet little darlings, whose paternal grandma has gone on to be with the Lord.  Last week I spent time with the newest addition.  Oh, man, those little girls are something to behold! Having only had boys and acquiring a fourteen year old granddaughter when she entered our family, it is most interesting to see these tiny girl children and their activities. 

Has anyone but me and my mom made the amazing discovery that no matter what the size of the girl baby, they just "feel" different, lighter somehow?  Boys seem to have more bulk about them...I don't know if it's all in my mind or what.  Nevertheless, this newest one is like a little feather and has two cute big brothers and a precious big sister.  Love spending time with them and their parents, who are some of the most consistent parents I've known.  

I enjoyed the time with them, but was glad to get home to our quiet home on the circle...I only have the Queen to answer to right now, well, also TBO, but he is a little easier to talk to!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Woes

I have a fairly new vacuum...not quite three years old. Last week when I was using it, I discovered that the hose attachment wasn't working well. I figured it needed some kind of adjustment, maybe a new belt, who knows?

I get out the trusty manual and discover that wonder of wonders, we bought an extended warranty serviced policy on said appliance (we rarely do). TBO takes the vacuum to the store to see about getting it fixed. While in the store, it works great, so he brings it home and we just think the ride to the store and the possibility of major surgery scared the little darling into sucking well.

Today, as I am preparing for my future daughter-in-law and our son to be here, I get trusty vacuum out to clean up a little. Seems fine for a while, hose attachment has lots of suction, change it for the carpet, then when I get ready to vacuum the rest of the tiled floors...NO SUCTION! Dagnab it, I feel like it knew that I needed it so badly and is just laughing up its little dirt bag. I guess I will have to take it to the store again and try to get it to act up. Perhaps I can explain the problem better, or maybe I'll just run the risk of having to pay a $40 service fee if the people they send it to can't find anything wrong.

I wonder if they give out loaners?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Preparations

Although the mother of the groom has little to do except to "wear beige and smile" as a friend of mine's sister-in law-told her (both ladies only had sons, as do I), there are a few things I must do.

Number one, is to find the flipping beige dress! I believe I have found the one I want, but I am waiting a few more weeks in hopes of losing a few pounds before purchasing--hope springs eternal. I am just so glad that Omar the Tentmaker has a fairly lovely selection this spring! My future daughter-in-law asked if I would wear either champagne or navy-gotta love it-two of my BEST colors. Anyway, this one meets all of our requirements-sleeves & below the knee length (for me), and in a lovely champagne color. Now, I'm on the lookout for a grandmother of the groom dress in navy for my mom....

Number two, I must find a place to have a rehearsal dinner. Not generally a problem, but when you are 250 miles from the city (Oklahoma City where the bride and groom live) in which this dinner is to take place, it does pose some interesting issues. Like, get me a guest list, or just a number! The wedding is in June, so I know that many places will be booked up pretty soon. I warned the groom that it might be KFC in a park if he doesn't get on the ball..

Number three, the wedding itself is not going to be in OKC, but Tulsa, another 70 miles up the turnpike. Why, you may ask? A lot of it is due to wanting a beautiful venue at a decent price. I believe they have found such a place. As it turns out, the venue was the childhood home of a friend of my father's-who was born in Tulsa. It is now a B&B and has lovely grounds, etc. My brother, who lives in Tulsa, told me that this friend of our father came to see him when he first went to work in Tulsa. My mom then remembered that this man's mom and my grandmother had been This bridge buddies! This gives me a little history to hang onto.

Last problem is finding someone to "do" my hair for the wedding...although I think I've got that covered. Being inept with a hair dryer and round brush scares me for the pictures...but if I didn't have something to worry about, what would I do? I am sure all will be well....I'll let you know in June!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music at Mickey's

I've been in Oklahoma City this week to visit my mom and to go hear my future daughter-in-law sing at Mickey Mantle's Steakhouse in OKC. I knew she was a good singer, but I was truly amazed at the talent that girl possesses. Possibly because I would love to sing, but sound most times like a cross between a frog and a sick cow. I loooove to sing, but am resigned to singing alone in the shower or the car, *sigh*.

Future DIL is just incredible. She arranges a lot of her own music and covers a wide range of genres. I heard some rap, pop and old standards the other night. Of course, someone had to tell me when it was rap music because I am too old for that stuff! She's backed up by a guitarist, bass and drums. They are all wonderful musicians.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


You know, sometimes it is just flat hard to be a mom.

Our youngest son and his wife are expecting their first child in August. We are ecstatic! DIL is one of three girls, our son is one of three boys. As our son put it last night, they win whatever! As we have only one granddaughter out of our other six grandchildren, you can imagine what I would like, but truly, healthy is great. Although there is a bounty out for the first red haired granddaughter-she will write her own ticket!

Anyway, about three weeks ago, DIL was laid off due to the economy. She took it well, and our son was only a little worried. Then, last week, he was laid off. Dag nab it! I am really trying not to get too upset and worry. TBO asked me why I was so gloomy when we heard the news and I said, well, what about the kids and the baby? I am just concerned about them. He said, "Well, we did it, didn't we?" I answered that with, "That was us, these are my babies!" Such logic.

It all comes down to trusting in the One Who has always taken care of us. Shortly before TBO and I were married I read Psalm 37 and I felt the words "I have been young, and now I am old, and I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread" were written to me personally. I, for the most part, don't feel very righteous most of the time, but I do have close to 35 years of walking with TBO and seeing the Lord provide. I just need to look back, remember, and be thankful. I know that God knows where my son and DIL are, and they will be all right.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Queen and the Vet

Well, the Queen has been hacking around for a couple of days, once yesterday she coughed/gagged so hard that she knocked herself over. Called the vet and couldn't get in until this morning. (For any new readers, the Queen is our soon to be 17 year old Yorkshire Terrier.)

We get to the Vet's office this morning and weigh in...4.4 pounds. She is amazing, keeps her weight so carefully. After the indignity of a temperature check, the Vet arrives and listens to her heart and lungs. THEN he scares me a little by ordering an X-Ray. As usual, I am concerned that this might be THE DAY every pet owner dreads...the day when you must make the decision to put your beloved furry friend down.

The X-Ray shows a slightly enlarged heart and liver, but no masses or anything that the Vet is very worried about at her age. Then, we have the TALK about when he really encourages pet owners to put down their animal. He encourages owners to be aware of their pets getting "lost" in the house, getting in a corner and whining, pottying in their beds or in the house.

The Queen has some pretty serious cataracts, so I have been noticing her using the walls and furniture to navigate lately. But, other than the annoying cough/gag she is still the ruler of all she surveys. She is demanding of her carrots, dog biscuits and outside time. She still doesn't really like being held and petted (except at the Vet's office). The Vet said to keep an eye on her, and to think about his guidelines, but he did not recommend any drastic measures at this time. He gave her a B-12 shot and an antibiotic to help her drainage and sent us home.

The Queen will begin taking an oral antibiotic 5 days every 3 weeks to keep the oogie boogies in check in her mouth. The Vet is not sure she is a good candidate for anesthetic and a thorough cleaning. So, we continue our walk with our geriatric pet, dreading that day which shall surely come, when the Queen will need to go to her new realm. Until then, Long Live the Queen!