Monday, December 24, 2007

Home Again!

I just got home late Saturday evening from helping my sister-in-law who had had major surgery. I forget how blessed I am to have a loving husband and children, plus the incredible blessing of having my mom to help, too. SIL has been divorced almost as long as I have been married, had no children of her own, although she taught school for 32 years, and never remarried, and her mom passed on 15 years ago.

Anyway, I took the train to OKC in the middle of the ice storm so I could get her home from the hospital...only to discover she had no power at her house. We bunked at my mom's home for three days, along with my youngest son and his wife, while power was restored and the weather quit being too threatening...we didn't want to relocate again.

The saddest part of the time with her was throwing away all the food she had prepared ahead of surgery so she would be able to care for herself more easily when I left. Two refrigerator freezer parts full to overflowing plus all the iffy stuff in the fridges themselves. I filled one of those great big trash bins cities issue to their customers. I cried as I did it, and she really did!

But, praise the Lord, even with the weather and spoiled food, she is doing extremely well. She is wanting to do more things for herself than I would let her (Nurse Ratchett is my new nickname), and can't wait to be able to drive and get back to her estate sale roaming. I take this as a GREAT SIGN!

We also celebrated Christmas three times last week. Once with our son, daughter-in-law, SIL, other son, my mom and our oldest grandson, the next night we drove to our oldest son and daughter-in-law's home to celebrate with them and the rest of the grandchildren. On Saturday, my brother and his children drove down from Tulsa to OKC in the snow to gather at mom's for the annual Christmas festivities. A good time was had by all, but I am glad to have today to rest!

We came home on Saturday to be able to be at the bris of our friends' twins yesterday morning. It was a most interesting ceremony. I applaud the parents of these little ones for being able to witness it. I was in the back and because I'm so short, I couldn't see anything...hearing those sweet little ones was enough. The dad said, "I've been to lots of these, but it is definitely harder when it's your own children!" Well put. The rabbi explained this ceremony welcomes these boys to the family of Israel. Welcome, little ones.

Lest anyone think we are forgotten for Christmas Day, oh no, we have TWO invitations to eat dinner, one at 2:00, one at 4:00! We will go by our son's inlaws for a short visit and bite, then head to friends up north of FW for more festivities...I won't have time to miss my kids today!

Having given everyone the update of my life the past two weeks, let me say that God gave us the ultimate gift in the life of His Son, Jesus. In all the busy-ness of our lives, do remember the One Whose birth we celebrate. Happy birthday, Jesus, thank you for humbling yourself to come to save me. Merry Christmas everyone and may you experience the blessings of God in the coming year.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Decorating Hassles

My Christmas tree has been up for about two weeks. It has had decorations on it for about one week. During that time I have been searching high and low for the Christmas stockings of two of my sons and one of my daughters-in-law. You see, I have what I call "safe" places in which I put things. Unfortunately, I sometimes - nay - MOST times - cannot recall where these "safe" places are. My oldest son and grandson's stockings were easily discovered, and new stockings were made for the newest daughter-in-law and grandchildren...but where, oh where, had I put the others? I even found the stocking I had made for our dog, AKA, the Queen! After searching high and low, opening every box of ornaments two or three times and rummaging around in them, I gave up. I decided I'd just go to the store and replace them. Oh, no, not so easily done. There were no more stockings like the ones I had to be bought even if it was only the 6th of December. Woe is me! Finally, I resorted to praying. Unfortunately, I often leave that til last. I even went back to the store (another branch) to try to buy stockings yesterday and found ONE, and bought tree skirts to cut up to make the other two. When I got home, I remembered I had had a thought about looking in the Christmas giftwrap for the missing items. Eureka! God is good! There they were, all along, waiting for if I could just remember to pray first and not obsess about "lost" things, I'm sure my life would be easier! Merry Christmas everyone!

Hanukkah Blessings

I am privileged to know a couple who are celebrating a very special Hanukkah this year. They welcomed twin boys last week, and brought them home on the first night of Hanukkah. These little ones were long awaited and truly embody what I understand Hanukkah is about...miracles. So to the family of these little guys I say congratulations, and I bless them with joy and peace and long life. May they grow and become pillars in the community as their parents are. God bless you all.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Whew! I am glad to be home. We just got in from an extended ministry/Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma. I must be getting old, as I was soooo excited to get to sleep in my own bed last night.

We left the Friday before Thanksgiving to spend the weekend with friends in Pauls Valley, OK. It was a great time of fellowship, food, and fun. We got to spend some really special time together and our hosts and I learned how to use a Bible program on the computer. Hubby has used it for years, and I have, until now, been unable (unwilling?) to spend the time learning how to use it. I believe I can now at least navigate in it. I'm afraid I may have to retire my big old Strong's Concordance after 35 years. It will continue to hold a place of honor in the bookcase!

Monday we went up to Oklahoma City to visist my mom, sister, sister-in-law, two of our sons and one of our daughters-in-law. We enjoyed our visit a lot. My mom and I got to go visit three of the schools that are participating in the ballroom dance program my sister has begun in the schools there. AWESOME! I was blown away, particularly by the students at the alternative high school...they have only been having classes for about 6 weeks and were amazing to watch. The best part was when two of the students were showing the instructors some "style" moves they do when dancing one of the Latin dances...

We had dinner with our youngest son and his lovely wife on Tuesday night. They cooked for us and it was a treat. They weren't going to be with us for Thanksgiving, so it was especially nice to spend the evening in their new home.

I hope we have begun a new tradition for Thanksgiving Day. We went to a cafeteria for our meal, then returned to my mom's home for dessert and coffee and visiting. I was blown away with the quality of the food at said cafeteria, but also by the number of people who had obviously decided this was the way to go. My sister and I are in for next year. I'm not sure about Mom, but I think she might go for it! The best part was not having to rush around Thanksgiving morning and get everything ready. The dishwasher was only run ONCE! Usually it is going may feel somewhat left out, but maybe feels THANKFUL?

After a meeting in a friend's home Friday night, we headed home Saturday morning. Our oldest son and his family were there spending Thanksgiving with his in-laws. We are getting to see our newest grandson and, of course, that is great.

I think we're going to put up the Christmas tree today before they leave. It will be nice to have some help this year. My daughter-in-law enjoys decorating for's been a long time since anyone here wanted to help me trim the boys quit enjoying that years ago. But that is another story.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Enter the Worship Circle

We just got home from a fabulous trip to Frederick, OK where we visited with friends and got to experience a concert of some of the Worship Circle musicians. Now, I am on the downhill side of 55, and these kids are all waaaay younger than I, but they do know how to worship the Lord!

Thanks for allowing the Father to use you in such a tremendous way. I know that my family was blessed both at the concert and during the fellowship afterward.

May the Lord bless you with continued anointing to help his children enter into true worship in the Spirit.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Regular Time"

I love it when we "fall back" to regular makes me feel like I'm all together again, that missing hour has returned to me overnight and I am suddenly better! Hah. Just wish the powers that be would pick one method and stick to it. I wonder if a letter writing campaign would work for Texas so we could NOT change. I mean I don't call my brother-in-law's house in Arizona because I can't keep up with the difference in the time zones, and since they DON'T change I am in a perpetual state of confusion...

On to other things. We are going to a "Thanksgiving Feast" at a little fellowship we have been attending this morning. I volunteered to make dressing...usually my Mom's contribution, but since she is in Oklahoma City and I am not, I had to muddle through on my own. One would think that making dressing wouldn't be so daunting, but I have a lot of years of wonderful cooks' dressing to live up to...not a performance issue, of course. Anyway, I got it all made up last night and into the refrigerator. When the Queen awoke me this morning to take her constitutional, I realized I didn't know whether to cook the dressing covered or uncovered. So, forgetting it was "fall back" Sunday, I had to call the expert, Mom. Whew, she was up and was able to give me her advice. I'm sure it will be fine now that I've gotten her input. (Not the first panicked call mind you-had to get the recipe, first!)

I also made three, count them, three pies last night. Two were the family's favorite, Mimi's Lemon Pie, which is very simple. But the other required a little more thought and effort...Mimi's Pecan Pie. We have two beautiful pecan trees in our front yard and due to the rain, I guess, we have a bumper crop of pecans. I have been out picking them up and trying to beat the squirrels and birds this year. Taking a pie with a slice gone is not too gauche is it? I mean, someone had to do the taste test, right? Well, they love us at the fellowship...I'm sure it will be all right.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Puppy Visitors

It's been a busy few days on the circle. We had good friend, Janie, and her friend, Suzan, overnight on Sunday. Oh yeah, with them were two of the cutest little puppies. Miss Sweet Pea, aka the Queen, was NOT amused. She really didn't think it was a good thing AT ALL for those frisky little darlings to be in her castle. She did, though, enjoy their puppy chow!

As always, it was good to spend time with Janie, even though she was suffering from sleep deprivation (puppy duty in the middle of the night). She assures me that now that a decision has been made as to which puppy was to be theirs that things are settling down. Zoie has joined the family with a bang and I am sure she will make her mark. If she is half as intelligent as her "big brother" Janie and Steve have their work cut out for them.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dog Tricks

My youngest son called yesterday afternoon to say hi and to give me this website: If you have read my older blogs you know about my Yorkshire Terrier, Sweet Pea, aka the Queen of the Circle. The dog on this website looks so much like Miss Pea that it is a little spooky. In fact, my sister wrote and asked me if it was Sweet Pea. If you like dogs, or enjoy interactive websites, you should check it out. Be sure to ask the dog to "kiss", as it is pretty funny.

I love things like this that I haven't a clue how they work, kind of like the old joke about the thermos bottle. Anyway, just a cute thing to visit and try your hand and getting the dog to respond.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Elizabeth, The Golden Age

Hubby and I just got back from seeing the new film, Elizabeth, the Golden Age. It was really interesting to me, a confirmed anglophile. I was reared in the Episcopal church, so Elizabeth I has always been a character in history that fascinated me.

The costuming was fabulous. Made me glad that I don't have to wear all those clothes and head gear! I was quite comfie in my jeans and sandals, thank you kindly! I had read a review that was less than glowing, but the reviewer and I are almost always polar opposites in our film tastes. There were a few historical licenses taken, I think, but all in all, it was worth the time spent.

That's all for now!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Just got in this afternoon from Branson, via Oklahoma City. My sister provided hotel accomodations for her children and our mom and my hubby and me. It was a wonderful experience. We all had such a great time!

Branson Landing itself was a great place for all of us. We could just walk out of our hotel and find great places to eat and shop without going in a car. Or if we wanted to, we could go to shows and other shopping areas. I did more shopping last week than I have done in a LONG time...

We saw The Shepherd of the Hills play, Yakov Smirnoff, and a Broadway Review. All were great fun.

We're gearing up for next year...same place and hopefully same time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Love to travel...hate to prepare to travel.

Had my pressure check today for my glaucoma...Dr. was pleased with results. She cracks me up-every time I go in she has the same question for me. Have you used your drops every day three times a day without fail for the last 3 months? I can tell you that I am sufficiently concerned about what might happen if I don't, that I DO!!! Even if I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and blindly search for that little bottle of bedtime drops!

Getting everything tidied up to leave again is not my best suit. I needed some things at the store, to make a bank run, a veterinarian run for the Queen's heartworm meds, blah, blah, blah.

All of this and the doctor's appt. before noon today. The rest of the day is very strictly scheduled (blogging isn't really on the schedule, but, oh well.). Paying bills, finishing clean up from the weekend, pest control company visit, laundry, packing, bathing and delivering Sweet Pea to her home away from home.

By the way, I must acknowledge my son's sister-in-law, who graciously keeps Sweet Pea for us when we travel. Alex loves the Queen and I think, as much as Her Majesty can deign to show, she loves Alex. At any rate, she runs right up to the house when we get there and even puts up with the resident CAT! Anyway, Alex is a Godsend...not everyone will put up with geriatric canine drama queens. Thank you is such a weak statement for all I feel.

I suppose I should get back to the scheduled events for the afternoon so we can take off in the morning. I will be letting you know how the trip goes...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Heading for Branson

We have had a very busy past six weeks...ministry trips to Mexico and Tennessee, hosting people for a 3 day conference, hosting middle son and 2 of his friends while thy attended a conference, having oldest son and his wife and sons here for the weekend, and attending the wedding of our friends' son. Whew!

I am so glad that my sister had planned this trip to Branson for us and her family. My sister is one of the most generous people I know, and planned this trip and provided our lodging long before our time got so crazy. I am planning on sleeping late every morning we're in Branson, maybe catching a show or two, and just generally doing whatever I please, within reason! I wonder if I can still sleep til 11 or 12 like I could when I was in college?...probably not, but I intend to give it a try.

The wedding this weekend was lovely. Our friends' son and his new bride are a joy to behold. It has been fun seeing the Lord work in their lives. The wedding was lovely, I'm sure, but I was "baby wrangling" for one of the groom's brothers and sister-in-law. This was NOT hazardous duty, but one I really enjoyed. Getting to play with a four month old baby girl was delightful. Having only sons and grandsons, I am always up for "girl" time! Unfortunately, mlle decided to fuss just as the wedding party was entering the chapel. We missed the wedding itself, but heard tell it was beautiful...amazing set of lungs on that tiny little girl. I can't wait to see the video! The bride made her entrance down a spiral staircase, which I think sounds cool.

Everything else is pretty much business as usual. Hopefully I will get the laundry caught up before we leave early Wednesday. Will keep you all posted.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tennessee Travelers

We are home...again! Yep the wandering duo has returned from our Tennessee tour. Hubby had meetings in Lebanon, TN over the weekend and we extended our visit to include visits with longtime friends in Franklin and Lewisburg, as well as seeing family in Chattanooga.

Living in Texas surely makes you appreciate four seasons. Although Tennessee is in a major drought right now, there are small patches of glorious leaf turnings to be seen. The highways,
I-40 and I-59 are lined with the most amazing trees...huge, hundred foot, I would guess, pine trees line the road. It is a little daunting for this flat land girl to take!

We went to the little town of Whitwell, TN to see the memorial that the middle school there has created to honor the memory of those lost in the Holocaust. If you have not had a chance to see the documentary, Paperclips, please try to see it. This is a great lesson for all of us to learn, that one person can make a difference. You can read more about this amazing memorial at their website I knew that it would be a heartrending visit, but I wasn't prepared to begin crying even before I walked in the gate. If you get a chance, take the time to visit this.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Glad to be home in the USA

Hubby and I just got in tonight from 9 days in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. SMA is a beautiful colonial town, full of amazing sights. If you are lucky enough not to fall down on one of the quaint cobblestone steets the first night in town, it is especially beautiful.

Yep, we're walking down from the jardin, hoping to catch a bus or a cab to take us back to our friends' casa...I misstep and fall into the street. So terribly embarrassing...a very sweet young man hoisted me back to my feet and helped us get a taxi. Man, what a bummer...I'd broken a toe three weeks previous to this and was finally able to walk well then wham! I'm all bunged up with a bruised hip and twisted foot! Grace in action.

Although I didn't get to see as much of San Miguel as I did the last time I visited, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Practicing my "book" Spanish is always fun, and sometimes humbling. According to our friends, though, I sound pretty good! I even caught a cab all by myself and got back to the casa alone.

We had such a great time and hubby got to minister to some very sweet people while we were there. We hope to return soon as I get all healed up.

As beautiful as SMA was, when I got to the airport in Leon, I was sooooo ready to get on that plane back to Texas. Coming off the plane into 90 degree heat, from about 60-70 degree cool was just great! I enjoy traveling, but I think I'm a little like Dorothy-there's no place like home!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Babies are FUN...for grandparents

I just got home this afternoon from spending a week with my new grandson...ok, also with his parents and other siblings, but mostly with the little guy!! He is too cute, and has gained about 10 oz since his birth. Way to go, Mom! He does have this rather regretable habit of waking his parents every 2 hours or so. I don't know this for sure, as the Inn was full and I was spending the nights with longtime friends, this could just be a vicious rumor! (Although Mom and Dad are looking a little ragged around the eyes these days!)

It was a great time for me to get to wrangle the little fellow while Mom recuperates from a C-section. I got to dazzle everyone with my amazing casserole cooking. I'm telling you, 21 years of teaching will get you LOTS of casseroles. I am grateful that my hubby and my kids were good about eating them, and the leftovers.

Grandy and Sweet Pea were happy to have me home. It is so nice to be missed.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Nana's Newest Sweetheart

I have had my heart stolen once again by a little bundle. My second grandson entered the world this morning in Lawton, OK. He weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces and was 20 and 3/4 inches long. Compared to his dad and uncles, he was a little small to me(dad weighed 9 pounds, 7 ounces and was 22 and 1/2 inches, uncles were 8 pounds, 21 inches and 9 pounds, 10 ounces and 19 inches) but oh my he is darling! He has some really sweet looking cheeks and curly blondish/reddish hair and a dimple in his chin! Is it any wonder I'm smitten?

I'm returning on Sunday to take my turn helping out...can't wait! I'm sure I'll be posting more about the little guy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dancing with the 5th Graders

I just got back from Oklahoma and had a chance to see the fruits of my sister's dream! She has started a program to bring ballroom dancing into the public schools. Last fall the program was in 8 schools. Next fall, it will be in 26!! Originally she was going to limit it to fifth graders, but this year they are going to do a pilot in an alternative high school and a couple of middle schools.

I was blown away by the poise and abilities of these young ladies and gentlemen. I have seen some of these dancers over the course of the year and they have made unbelievable progress. The testimonies of the principals of these schools will knock your socks off. Two of them said they had had NO referrals for discipline since the program started. WOW! I am excited to see what occurs at the middle and high school levels.

The dance instructors have poured their hearts out into these students. You haven't lived until you see a 6'5", 280# national guard recruiter dancing in cammie and combat boots. Four of the instructors are Oklahoma National Guardsmen who volunteer their time as a community service opportunity. According to them, they get lots more out of it than the children! Other instructors are men and women who have "caught" my sister's vision for the young people of her community. All of the instructors have been taking lessons and are certified...which means they can dance either part...I can't dance one part.

But probably the most remarkable part of this story is the mentoring which is going on with the children. Many are being reared in single parent homes with no positive male influence. My sister describes the program as a mentoring program disguised as a dance program. I would like to challenge you, like my sister has, to take yourself to your neighborhood school, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters (like Janie over at Soundingforth), or elsewhere and get involved with a child. Make a difference by giving a child some one on one time. I am going to find me one to work with when school starts this fall.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We have purchased a Wii for ourselves for our anniversary present. I am amazed to report that I find this little gaming set to be quite entertaining since I do not usually enjoy video games. It probably has something to do with poor eye-hand coordination or something. But I do like the Wii bowling and golf. I understand that the skills on the Wii do not transfer to the real games, but it is kind of fun to believe that they do! Escapism reigns supreme here on the circle.

We have had two families over to "Wii" with us, and both have had a good time. Last night we entertained a couple and two of their children. The boys are 16 and 14 and had a super time, especially with the boxing! I haven't, and won't, box, but it is fairly amusing to watch the kids go after it!

So, I think it's my turn to bowl...I will let you know how the games turn out!

Friday, July 6, 2007

I have spent the day with a 12 almost 13 year-old and a 7 almost 8-year old. Whew. I have forgotten how hungry, cranky, picky and incredibly sweet they can be. The almost 8 year-old is my grandson, the almost 13 year-old is his half brother. We have had the boys for the last three Friday nights...their mom works a double shift and it gives me and hubby a chance to see the boys and gives her a little respite.

The biggest problem has been the weather. It's summertime, the kids want to swim, but we're dodging thunderstorms almost daily. We had discussed trying to catch a break in the weather today, but it wasn't looking good. So we made plans to go to the movies-much more MY style. About time to leave for the theater, my friend with pool access called and said she'd changed her mind...her grand nephew and granddaughter wanted to go was, after all, 84 degrees! We loaded up and made it to the pool and the guys got to swim for a couple of hours. It was worth it to me (one who avoids the sun if possible) to watch them have such a great time...I think it might have been the first time the older one had been in a pool with a diving board!

We've visited a camp to pick up loaned out equipment, gone to a pretty awesome museum display of Star Wars, and got to swim today...what about next time? Any suggestions anyone? I have an extra week to prepare because they're going to their other grandmother next week!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day

I am hopelessly patriotic. I think being reared by a Marine veteran left an indelible mark. Every Fourth of July I am struck by the amazing decisions that were made to begin our country. Anyway, today I would like to take a moment to thank all those who helped form this country, and paid the price of becoming traitors to their former land to do so.

I salute all the men and women in the armed forces who served in the past. Thanks, Daddy, for serving valiantly in WWII in the Pacific theater, thanks to my husband for serving in the Vietnam conflict, thanks to my son's father-in-law for serving in Vietnam and up through the first Gulf War.

And most especially, thank you to all of those who serve today--voluntarily. May God bless you richly and keep you safe. I bless your families with the peace of God. May the Lord give His comfort to those who are wounded. May God be especially near to those whose loved ones have given the ultimate sacrifice.

All I can say is thank you.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Simple Life

Janie over at Sounding Forth has been on me to post. The problem is that I have nothing exciting, or even remotely interesting going on at the moment. I could blog about my never ending struggle with my weight and cholesterol, but who wants to hear whining? Not ME!!! I could whine about it raining EVERY DAY for I can't even remember, but I really hate to because sooner or later, I will be wanting some of this wonderful rain. I do feel for those who are being flooded out, luckily all my floods have been very minor. I could blog about my 18 year old Volvo's failing air conditioner and other parts, but why?

Today I went to the ophthalmologist for my three month glaucoma check up. This was the one where she does the field of vision test. I describe this as a kind of video game you play with one eye. For people like me who are challenged with eye-hand coordination, it is extremely stressful. All looked good, praise the Lord. No change in the field of vision test (which makes me crazy every year---I know I'm missing all these little lights), no signs of cataracts or macular degeneration, no problems with the retina, optic nerve is stable. All in all an excellent visit. I am grateful for a wonderful doctor who has worked hard with me to keep me on an even keel.

All in all, I am happy that my life is a trifle boring. I am one who resists change and find it excruciatingly painful at times. I am happy with my simple life on the circle.

Monday, June 11, 2007

High School Basketball in June

My friend and I went to Shawnee, OK over the weekend to watch my nephew play in the Faith 7 Basketball Game at OBU. It was a fun trip for us as we got to talk uninterrupted for the 3 1/2 hour ride and also got to see some of the "all star" graduated senior ballplayers from Oklahoma and Texas. My nephew who is 6'9" and 230 looked a little small around at least one of the other players from Oklahoma! The extra 15 pounds the other guy carried was impressive! The game was interesting to watch...lots of showboating, but not so much that the game suffered. I only saw one really blatant ball hogging moment, but there could have been more. The Oklahoma team won, and my nephew scored at least 12 points for them.

Gyms are HOT in June, even with air conditioning. Perhaps that's why the regular season is played in the winter...

I took this particular friend with me since she was a former high school star herself...all 5'1", 98 pounds (probably less in high school). Back in the days when girls only played half court, she was a monster guard, and could steal the ball from anyone! She has been a special friend ever since I moved to the metroplex...she has boys around my boys' ages and has graciously shared her family with all of us over the years. We were without grandparents in the area and her mom and dad would watch all of our kids for us if we needed to do something after school. Extra grandparents are such a bonus. My kids were blessed, and so was I. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Letting Go

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. Mostly that is because my life is pretty dull, and I am a little intimidated by the blogs I guys really have a gift for putting everyday life into really fun sounding experiences.

I'm learning a great deal about myself and my relationship to my children these days. Now that my "baby" is 23 I've discovered that if I'd let the Lord have His way long ago, I'd probably still have red hair. I always felt it was written in the mommy code that I had to worry, fret and stew about every aspect of their sweet little lives. Now, at 32, 27 and 23 I'm finding out that I need to entrust them totally to the One in Whose hands their dad and I put them as we dedicated them to Him. RATS!!! All those wasted hours, what were they doing?, who were they with?, how were their grades?,etc.

Now I am embarking on a new season of TRYING to let those boys deal with the Father Who loves them more than I ever could, and pray that they will hear His voice, not the nagging voice of their mom. Growing up is hard on all concerned...parents, too! I am letting go of the apron strings and believing that my God will take care of the boys He gave me to share.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers' Day

Just returned from Oklahoma where we attended our youngest daughter-in-law's graduation ceremony from the University of Oklahoma. What an exciting time for her and our son! They have been married almost one year now, have bought their first home, got one of them through school, and hosted their first big party! Our son was amazed at how much work was involved with having family and friends over and actually cooking a meal!! He was exhausted! Here's to many more family dinners at their house!

It was so great to see our middle son, too. He lives and works in Florida so visits are few and far between. It was a great treat to actually get to talk with him face to face.

I didn't get to see my Mom today as she was in Kansas City attending my niece's graduation from college. I am grateful for my Mom who has always been such a loving, caring woman, and taught me by her example to do the same. Thanks also to all the women who have stood in the gap for me as I have walked this earth...Doris, Norma, Toni, Sue, Cynthia, Fannie, Diane - your love and prayers have meant so much.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Senior Moment

Yesterday I got up and got ready for my yearly trip for a well woman check and mammogram. My appointment was for 8:30 am, and I had to leave 45 minutes before that to make sure I got through rush hour traffic. I sashayed into the office and signed in, and the clerk says, "I don't show you having an appointment today." "What?" I say. She begins looking and my appointment is for May 18 at 8:30! I didn't really believe that I would be having senior moments quite yet. Guess that is what I get for thinking.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Teaching Rewards

Eighteen years ago, I began teaching ESL in a small school district in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. That year I had 22 students who spoke little or no English, but thankfully, who all spoke Spanish. I quickly discovered that my High School and College Spanish were quite different from their TexMex, and that my paperback Spanish/English dictionary was good for only about 3/4 of the vocabulary I needed.

In that first group of students I had three siblings, two girls and a boy. These children were so excited to be in school, and had (and still have) such supportive parents. Eventually, I would have the other two boys in class as well. Anyway, they all are exceptional young men and women. The youngest is still in high school, but I am confident that he will continue the family tradition of excellence.

The oldest son called me about two weeks ago. When I answered the phone, he asked me if I knew who he was. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID, so I truthfully said I did not. He identified himself and told me he wanted to come out to my home to see me. I said, "Sure!" We talked again today to firm up our time and he told me that often people don't believe he hasn't always spoken English. He credits me with that. Oh my, how amazing it is to have a former student give you such an accolade. I personally always thought that all of my students did the hardest part...learning to speak, read and write in English.

Teachers, I know none of us ever got into education to become wealthy, but today I feel very rewarded. I only hope I had a positive effect on many more over the years I spent in the classroom.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The carpets are dry! The furniture is back in place, all's right with the world.

Now if I could just get my closets, kitchen, bathrooms and garage organized I'd be set...for a while. Being a packrat is a heavy burden to bear, but two packrats cohabiting is almost too much. I do have hope of one day parking my car in the garage overnight, especially now that my youngest son has his own home. Can you say take your junk, NOW? Really, two of my sons have their own homes, I am seriously contemplating a trip north hauling a trailerful of odds and ends of their treasures to their respective homes. The third son is living in Florida in a way too small apartment to house his soon as he has his own home...

Perhaps later this weekend I will begin to pack up some things...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I just decided that since I enjoy reading other people's blogs so much, I should join the fun.

I am married (for over 32 years) to a wonderful guy. We have three children, two daughters-in-law, and at present, three grandchildren, one more to be added in August. We are also blessed with many other children and grandchildren of the heart and faith.

We live in a very nice suburban neighborhood sort of out in the country...we often say we are homeless, or we don't know where we live. We have an address in one city, pay school taxes in another, have fire service from another, and can't get a library card from any of these places. But it is a quiet place and we enjoy it.

All of our children are out of the nest now, but we are graced with the presence of the unofficial Queen of the Circle, aka Sweet Pea, our 15 year old Yorkie. She came to live with us about three years ago, and has enriched our lives immeasurably. Weighing in at a hefty five pounds, she has pretty well got this little corner under her control. Miss Pea is very territorial and has all the dogs, cats, birds, joggers and horses in our immediate area under control. Although she doesn't see all that well anymore, there is nothing wrong with her sense of smell. If you've never been growled at by a Yorkie, you haven't lived!

The past couple of days have been a tad unusual. As I was heading for bed on Monday night, I sloshed into about two inches of water in our patio entry. Plumbing in our master bathroom had overflowed. It was clean water, thankfully. As we were to have left the next morning on a 3 day trip, I was also glad it happened when it did. Needless to say, I have been sucking up water, changing fans and generally trying to dry out.

Life on the circle is pretty mundane, and I'm not sure I'd change a bit of it.