Sunday, August 19, 2007

Babies are FUN...for grandparents

I just got home this afternoon from spending a week with my new grandson...ok, also with his parents and other siblings, but mostly with the little guy!! He is too cute, and has gained about 10 oz since his birth. Way to go, Mom! He does have this rather regretable habit of waking his parents every 2 hours or so. I don't know this for sure, as the Inn was full and I was spending the nights with longtime friends, this could just be a vicious rumor! (Although Mom and Dad are looking a little ragged around the eyes these days!)

It was a great time for me to get to wrangle the little fellow while Mom recuperates from a C-section. I got to dazzle everyone with my amazing casserole cooking. I'm telling you, 21 years of teaching will get you LOTS of casseroles. I am grateful that my hubby and my kids were good about eating them, and the leftovers.

Grandy and Sweet Pea were happy to have me home. It is so nice to be missed.

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Janie said...

Okay, I'm probably going to be dead meat - we thought you both were still in OK and we were there this weekend...

Please forgive me for not calling! We got home about 3 hours ago.

Love ya, can't wait to see more pix!!