Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Random Thoughts of International Travel & Return

International travel can be very exciting, also, stressful.  The whole  wondering if the water is safe to drink is my biggest stressor.  The joy of turning on the bathroom tap and wetting down that toothbrush just about tops all things...unless needing a sip, just a sip of water, but knowing that a sip from that enticing water fountain could cause unspeakable gastrointestinal problems!  

We experienced an earthquake during our travels earlier this month.  A new and somewhat unnerving experience for us both, I would say.  Although 5.8 on the Richter scale may not phase some people, seated in a restaurant on the top floor of a 10 story building in a third world country gave TBO and me a little pause.  Although we did not kiss the ground when we reached it, we witnessed some who did!

Customs and security lines can be frustrating, too.  On one leg of our journey, one of my carry-on bags set off a sensor.  It was emptied out, very apologetically, I must say, by a security person.  
Nothing was found that should not have been there, but the mere sound of the buzzer made me shiver!  Customs, for me, could not have been easier...not so much for TBO.   He had to explain everything in his bags at one entry point.

All in all, we had a great trip, long, but still wonderful.  Home looked pretty wonderful after two and a half weeks!  


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travel Preparations Wear Me Out!

We are leaving Saturday morning for a mission trip to Mexico and Cuba.  I have been furiously trying to get enough clothes for 3 weeks into one bag.  Ain't gonna happen.  Clothes in one bag, other essentials in another...I will have to deal with it!  Luckily my luggage will stack and roll freely once I am in country.  Bless you Samsonite for great rolling bags!  

I keep waking up at night thinking of things I should add to my suitcases, Saturday needs to hurry up...I won't be able to put many more things in those marvelous bags.  Every time I go on a trip I think I'm going to streamline my packing...I just haven't got it down yet.  I wish I could be one who could put all they need in a backpack and carry it on...I do love my lotions and creams too much, I fear, since I have way more than a 1 quart baggie will hold!

Anyway, we're making the final (ha!) run to the store for the last minute items today.  Keep us in your prayers as we travel.