Thursday, March 4, 2010

Travel Preparations Wear Me Out!

We are leaving Saturday morning for a mission trip to Mexico and Cuba.  I have been furiously trying to get enough clothes for 3 weeks into one bag.  Ain't gonna happen.  Clothes in one bag, other essentials in another...I will have to deal with it!  Luckily my luggage will stack and roll freely once I am in country.  Bless you Samsonite for great rolling bags!  

I keep waking up at night thinking of things I should add to my suitcases, Saturday needs to hurry up...I won't be able to put many more things in those marvelous bags.  Every time I go on a trip I think I'm going to streamline my packing...I just haven't got it down yet.  I wish I could be one who could put all they need in a backpack and carry it on...I do love my lotions and creams too much, I fear, since I have way more than a 1 quart baggie will hold!

Anyway, we're making the final (ha!) run to the store for the last minute items today.  Keep us in your prayers as we travel.

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