Sunday, September 2, 2007

Glad to be home in the USA

Hubby and I just got in tonight from 9 days in the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. SMA is a beautiful colonial town, full of amazing sights. If you are lucky enough not to fall down on one of the quaint cobblestone steets the first night in town, it is especially beautiful.

Yep, we're walking down from the jardin, hoping to catch a bus or a cab to take us back to our friends' casa...I misstep and fall into the street. So terribly embarrassing...a very sweet young man hoisted me back to my feet and helped us get a taxi. Man, what a bummer...I'd broken a toe three weeks previous to this and was finally able to walk well then wham! I'm all bunged up with a bruised hip and twisted foot! Grace in action.

Although I didn't get to see as much of San Miguel as I did the last time I visited, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Practicing my "book" Spanish is always fun, and sometimes humbling. According to our friends, though, I sound pretty good! I even caught a cab all by myself and got back to the casa alone.

We had such a great time and hubby got to minister to some very sweet people while we were there. We hope to return soon as I get all healed up.

As beautiful as SMA was, when I got to the airport in Leon, I was sooooo ready to get on that plane back to Texas. Coming off the plane into 90 degree heat, from about 60-70 degree cool was just great! I enjoy traveling, but I think I'm a little like Dorothy-there's no place like home!

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Janie said...

Whoa! Glad you're okay. I bet y'all had a great time...