Friday, December 7, 2007

Decorating Hassles

My Christmas tree has been up for about two weeks. It has had decorations on it for about one week. During that time I have been searching high and low for the Christmas stockings of two of my sons and one of my daughters-in-law. You see, I have what I call "safe" places in which I put things. Unfortunately, I sometimes - nay - MOST times - cannot recall where these "safe" places are. My oldest son and grandson's stockings were easily discovered, and new stockings were made for the newest daughter-in-law and grandchildren...but where, oh where, had I put the others? I even found the stocking I had made for our dog, AKA, the Queen! After searching high and low, opening every box of ornaments two or three times and rummaging around in them, I gave up. I decided I'd just go to the store and replace them. Oh, no, not so easily done. There were no more stockings like the ones I had to be bought even if it was only the 6th of December. Woe is me! Finally, I resorted to praying. Unfortunately, I often leave that til last. I even went back to the store (another branch) to try to buy stockings yesterday and found ONE, and bought tree skirts to cut up to make the other two. When I got home, I remembered I had had a thought about looking in the Christmas giftwrap for the missing items. Eureka! God is good! There they were, all along, waiting for if I could just remember to pray first and not obsess about "lost" things, I'm sure my life would be easier! Merry Christmas everyone!

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Janie said...

Glad ya found them, lassie!