Sunday, November 25, 2007


Whew! I am glad to be home. We just got in from an extended ministry/Thanksgiving trip to Oklahoma. I must be getting old, as I was soooo excited to get to sleep in my own bed last night.

We left the Friday before Thanksgiving to spend the weekend with friends in Pauls Valley, OK. It was a great time of fellowship, food, and fun. We got to spend some really special time together and our hosts and I learned how to use a Bible program on the computer. Hubby has used it for years, and I have, until now, been unable (unwilling?) to spend the time learning how to use it. I believe I can now at least navigate in it. I'm afraid I may have to retire my big old Strong's Concordance after 35 years. It will continue to hold a place of honor in the bookcase!

Monday we went up to Oklahoma City to visist my mom, sister, sister-in-law, two of our sons and one of our daughters-in-law. We enjoyed our visit a lot. My mom and I got to go visit three of the schools that are participating in the ballroom dance program my sister has begun in the schools there. AWESOME! I was blown away, particularly by the students at the alternative high school...they have only been having classes for about 6 weeks and were amazing to watch. The best part was when two of the students were showing the instructors some "style" moves they do when dancing one of the Latin dances...

We had dinner with our youngest son and his lovely wife on Tuesday night. They cooked for us and it was a treat. They weren't going to be with us for Thanksgiving, so it was especially nice to spend the evening in their new home.

I hope we have begun a new tradition for Thanksgiving Day. We went to a cafeteria for our meal, then returned to my mom's home for dessert and coffee and visiting. I was blown away with the quality of the food at said cafeteria, but also by the number of people who had obviously decided this was the way to go. My sister and I are in for next year. I'm not sure about Mom, but I think she might go for it! The best part was not having to rush around Thanksgiving morning and get everything ready. The dishwasher was only run ONCE! Usually it is going may feel somewhat left out, but maybe feels THANKFUL?

After a meeting in a friend's home Friday night, we headed home Saturday morning. Our oldest son and his family were there spending Thanksgiving with his in-laws. We are getting to see our newest grandson and, of course, that is great.

I think we're going to put up the Christmas tree today before they leave. It will be nice to have some help this year. My daughter-in-law enjoys decorating for's been a long time since anyone here wanted to help me trim the boys quit enjoying that years ago. But that is another story.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


Janie said...

Up early, you are, chica! Sounds like y'all had a great time.

When you get around to decorating, once you're finished, come here, okay?

Pam said...

Well, the tree is up. No decorations yet. Yesterday sort of spun out of control. Can you imagine that? I'm thinking of decorating the tree today...maybe!