Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Regular Time"

I love it when we "fall back" to regular makes me feel like I'm all together again, that missing hour has returned to me overnight and I am suddenly better! Hah. Just wish the powers that be would pick one method and stick to it. I wonder if a letter writing campaign would work for Texas so we could NOT change. I mean I don't call my brother-in-law's house in Arizona because I can't keep up with the difference in the time zones, and since they DON'T change I am in a perpetual state of confusion...

On to other things. We are going to a "Thanksgiving Feast" at a little fellowship we have been attending this morning. I volunteered to make dressing...usually my Mom's contribution, but since she is in Oklahoma City and I am not, I had to muddle through on my own. One would think that making dressing wouldn't be so daunting, but I have a lot of years of wonderful cooks' dressing to live up to...not a performance issue, of course. Anyway, I got it all made up last night and into the refrigerator. When the Queen awoke me this morning to take her constitutional, I realized I didn't know whether to cook the dressing covered or uncovered. So, forgetting it was "fall back" Sunday, I had to call the expert, Mom. Whew, she was up and was able to give me her advice. I'm sure it will be fine now that I've gotten her input. (Not the first panicked call mind you-had to get the recipe, first!)

I also made three, count them, three pies last night. Two were the family's favorite, Mimi's Lemon Pie, which is very simple. But the other required a little more thought and effort...Mimi's Pecan Pie. We have two beautiful pecan trees in our front yard and due to the rain, I guess, we have a bumper crop of pecans. I have been out picking them up and trying to beat the squirrels and birds this year. Taking a pie with a slice gone is not too gauche is it? I mean, someone had to do the taste test, right? Well, they love us at the fellowship...I'm sure it will be all right.

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