Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dog Tricks

My youngest son called yesterday afternoon to say hi and to give me this website: If you have read my older blogs you know about my Yorkshire Terrier, Sweet Pea, aka the Queen of the Circle. The dog on this website looks so much like Miss Pea that it is a little spooky. In fact, my sister wrote and asked me if it was Sweet Pea. If you like dogs, or enjoy interactive websites, you should check it out. Be sure to ask the dog to "kiss", as it is pretty funny.

I love things like this that I haven't a clue how they work, kind of like the old joke about the thermos bottle. Anyway, just a cute thing to visit and try your hand and getting the dog to respond.


Janie said...

Okay. Looks like we might, might, might come thru Dallas en route to Salina KS. Wanna go now?

Pam said...

Can't do it, I wish I could. Got to do the Nana thing and run to see Justin play soccer Saturday. Next time, though.