Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We have purchased a Wii for ourselves for our anniversary present. I am amazed to report that I find this little gaming set to be quite entertaining since I do not usually enjoy video games. It probably has something to do with poor eye-hand coordination or something. But I do like the Wii bowling and golf. I understand that the skills on the Wii do not transfer to the real games, but it is kind of fun to believe that they do! Escapism reigns supreme here on the circle.

We have had two families over to "Wii" with us, and both have had a good time. Last night we entertained a couple and two of their children. The boys are 16 and 14 and had a super time, especially with the boxing! I haven't, and won't, box, but it is fairly amusing to watch the kids go after it!

So, I think it's my turn to bowl...I will let you know how the games turn out!


Janie said... we have a new activity when we get there?

Remember my Christmas story where my brother made fun of my bowling form when playing Wii?

No reruns of that, please, ma'am.

I look forward to playing with y'all!

Pam said...

Oh my yes, make sure you're all rested up when you come! I promise we will not make fun...too much to be made fun of right in my own living room!