Friday, July 6, 2007

I have spent the day with a 12 almost 13 year-old and a 7 almost 8-year old. Whew. I have forgotten how hungry, cranky, picky and incredibly sweet they can be. The almost 8 year-old is my grandson, the almost 13 year-old is his half brother. We have had the boys for the last three Friday nights...their mom works a double shift and it gives me and hubby a chance to see the boys and gives her a little respite.

The biggest problem has been the weather. It's summertime, the kids want to swim, but we're dodging thunderstorms almost daily. We had discussed trying to catch a break in the weather today, but it wasn't looking good. So we made plans to go to the movies-much more MY style. About time to leave for the theater, my friend with pool access called and said she'd changed her mind...her grand nephew and granddaughter wanted to go was, after all, 84 degrees! We loaded up and made it to the pool and the guys got to swim for a couple of hours. It was worth it to me (one who avoids the sun if possible) to watch them have such a great time...I think it might have been the first time the older one had been in a pool with a diving board!

We've visited a camp to pick up loaned out equipment, gone to a pretty awesome museum display of Star Wars, and got to swim today...what about next time? Any suggestions anyone? I have an extra week to prepare because they're going to their other grandmother next week!

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Janie said...

Take them garage sale-ing! Brody used to love that when he was little. Give them 10 bucks apiece and see what they can accumulate with it.

And of course, send all the crap home with mom!