Friday, May 29, 2009


I am not an accomplished seamstress-read rank amateur-but can usually follow a Simplicity patter for EASY garments. My daughter-in-law is expecting in August and I thought I could make her a few little tops for her wardrobe.

Well, back when I was having babies, granted my "baby" will be 26 soon, there were always several patterns to choose from, even in the Simplicity book. Now, in the current book I looked at on Sunday, there were 4, count 'em, 4 patterns. Period. I was only able to find one in the size I needed for DIL.

I purchase some fabric and notions and think I'll just whip these first two out. Well, someone forgot to tell the people at Simplicity what simplicity means. Oh my goodness, such convoluted, confusing and sometimes even missing instructions. They did have good illustrations, though, which did give me some help!

I am thanking Mrs. Reynolds, my 7th grade Home Ec teacher right now for her patient instruction, as well as my mom's friends Bonnie and Doris who bailed me out of many a mess.

I finished one top and am mailing it off this morning for DIL to try on and see if she even likes the style, and if it even remotely fits. If not, I guess I'll chalk it up to a fun day at the machine!


Snooty Primadona said...

I understand. I'd almost rather go without a pattern sometimes. Luckily, I broke my machine about 10 years ago and never have had it repaired, lol. So, I don't have to sew anything.

Pam said...

Can't sew without a pattern or cook without a recipe. Too inept!

My machine, which is 30 years old, quit working three or four years ago. I was reading the manual on it, and realized I didn't know if I'd EVER oiled the thing. A little oil and it was back in business. I really only mend or make very simple curtains anymore, since my buttonholer is broken and I don't do zippers! (The directions are too hard!)