Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quiet on the Circle

We have had a spate of visitors in the last week. Don't get me wrong, I love having people at the house, and try to be a good hostess, but yesterday we sent off the last of a week's straight worth of houseguests!

TBO's brother and daughter were in for one night last week. It was wonderful to have them here, especially since I had not seen our niece for about 5 years (they live in Phoenix). Our niece has just finished a term as a Senate Page in Washington, D.C. Although I hadn't seen her in several years, I imagine that this experience will be much like our middle son's Philmont Scout Ranch experience - we sent a boy to New Mexico, and an amazingly mature young man returned. Our niece will be a senior in high school this year, but I would lay odds that she is the most mature young woman in Phoenix. She is bright, funny, aware, reads the NEWSPAPER (!), and an all around lovely child. I know her Mom and Dad are incredibly proud of her, as are her aunt and uncle.

Janie from Sounding Forth and her husband came in late Thursday and spent the weekend with us. We ALWAYS have a great time with them. They had to go home on Monday, but we were still trying to get them to stay...we were figuring out ways to fix beds for them and our next guests...but they felt they should get home to the ZZ crew.

Monday afternoon, TBO's brother and daughter came back...our niece had been visiting a fellow page in Dallas along with several other pages, and BIL had been to OKC. He and his sister rode the train to Fort Worth, and his daughter rode the TRE to Fort Worth. I sent TBO to the train station while I did a quick tidy up job, washed towels and ran to the grocery store. We had a great dinner and played a "bookshelf" game called Acquire. Lots of fun was had by all.

Tuesday, we went to Grapevine and picked up our oldest grandson for the day. He also had not seen our niece for about 5 years. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium which was awesome. I am not really that into fish, but there were many more species there! We then went to the Sixth Floor Museum. I had been several years ago when my oldest son was in high school, but the exhibit has changed and expanded since then. Even the 10 year old was totally engaged.

Driving in Dallas makes me crazy. I do much better in the insanity that is Fort Worth! Adventures in Dallas driving included: almost being run off the road by an 18 wheeler, 2 near misses of small cars in the next lane as I tried to make my exit to the aquarium, missing the turn to 635W and having to retrace our route, (but only once), nearly missing the 360S exit. Not too bad, I guess. I should say that my BIL drove home from Dallas and that all mistakes in navigation were MY fault, but to my defense, I WAS sitting in the back seat! Bless BIL's heart, he traversed the streets of Dallas to pick up our vehicle and pick us all up at the Sixth Floor. SIL and I probably would not have made the trek back to the aquarium with our bad knees and hips.

Yesterday, SIL had to be at the train station in Fort Worth at 5:00 pm, and BIL and daughter had to be at DFW at 6:30. Fun time to be leaving anywhere! We got SIL to the train as it was boarding, then got to DFW right on time! Wahoo! Success!

So, now what to do? SIL got the sheets washed and put back on the beds for me before she left. The towels are done. I guess I'll go clean the bathroom, run the vacuum and dust before the next crew arrives. Give me a day or two, okay?

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