Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Baby!

Our friends in Morocco just sent us word that their daughter arrived on Saturday morning. She is beautiful, like her older sister and brother (and Mom and Dad, of course!) It will be a little harder for me to go and do my Nana thing this time for them. I will just have to redouble my prayers and believe that the Lord knows right where they are, and just what they need. I know that this little girl will be a blessing to her family, and I look forward to holding her as I have her siblings whenever that happens.

Our youngest grandson has been practicing playing on his floor mat, and his Mommy sent me pictures this morning of him focusing on the hanging toys! He is, of course, so very clever, since he is only 1 week old, and seems to be tracking, according to his parents. I do believe he is going to have his mother's beautiful dark eyes. It will be said of him, I am sure, that he is a brown-eyed handsome man! Can't wait to make the next trip to Oklahoma to see him (fourteen days but who's counting?)

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

He'll be reading next month!

Wow - the babies are flying out around y'all!