Sunday, August 23, 2009

Averted Tragedy

We were in Trophy Club overnight on Friday to attend a meeting on Friday and Saturday. Since our friends there love us so much, they allow us to bring the Queen whenever we spend the night. As Her Majesty seems to be losing the battle of the cataracts, it requires constant supervision when she takes her constitutionals. She has been at their home, and in their yard innumerable times, and up until yesterday was able to navigate quite well around the pool, particularly in the daytime.

Yesterday morning, the fear that I had feared came upon me. We were sitting with our friends on the patio, poolside. I realized that HM probably needed to come out, so I carried the Queen out to do her business, set her down on the pool apron, then, splish (a four pound dog doesn't make a splash)! The Queen had misjudged the distance and was now in the pool. I am so shocked that I just let out a wasn't that loud, I think. But our hostess, was johnny-on-the spot, reached in and grabbed the thoroughly frightened, ratty looking Queen out of the pool. This was a selfless act for my sweet friend...she really doesn't even like dogs, she tolerates them, plus she was down on her belly in her white jeans retrieving MY dog, while I stood there being shocked.

It took the Queen quite a while to calm down and quit shaking. She has recovered now and is back to her imperious self...barking and running in circles begging for whatever treat she can get. Redoubled efforts on her keeper's part to help her "see" her environment will ensue.


Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Lord have mercy! The Queen took a dip!

I bet her sensibilities were wayyyy offended!

Pam said...

You have no idea. The looks I received were truly lethal. The rest of the day was spent in repentance, I must tell you...anything she desired, within reason, was given, as it should have been! She seems none the worse for wear today, thankfully!