Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Such an anomaly.  We are experiencing snow, on Christmas Eve! 

Right now my youngest son and daughter-in-law are piled up in a chair allegedly watching a movie and the fire, while their sweet little four-month-old son naps in another room.  (I think they are also napping.)  We met for breakfast and Pace was the cutest baby in the place, of course.  While we were in the restaurant, the snow started in earnest!  It is comforting to know that we are snug inside.

Our oldest son is without electricity due to the ferocious storm blowing in Lawton, OK.  When I called to check on him and his family, they were getting ready to go to WalMart to warm up, then, hopefully, their electricity would be fixed and they could be home.  No fun to be in the snow when the wind is blowing fifty miles an hour!

Our middle son and newest daughter-in-law are happily spending their first Christmas Eve together as a married couple.  They are expecting her parents and siblings for breakfast in the morning and for packages.  The rest of the Christmas festivities may have to be postponed due to sleet and blowing snow in the Oklahoma City area.

My Mom is safe and snug in her home and will be glad to have all of us come see her when all this mess is gone!  

All in all, a lovely time to reflect on the birth of my Savior, to be thankful for a wonderful husband, terrific children, and tremendous grandchildren.  May your Christmas be filled with the love and joy of the Father's gift to the world, His Son, Christ Jesus.

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