Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cold Wedding

We traveled to Navasota, Texas this weekend for TBO to perform the wedding of a young man we have know for a long time and his fiance.

The wedding was held at the bride's family home, under some amazing trees of some sort...sorry, I am ignorant of most things botanical except for the most obvious! The guests were seated on hay bales, which, by the way, make pretty comfortable seating, and there was standing room only. The only drawback was that it had been raining for most of the week, and although it was not raining during the ceremony, it was DAMP, and a very cool wind decided to kick up. There were blankets around for people to use, but I had to go back to our truck to retrieve our "travelling" blanket! My "balemates" were three older people, one of whom did not have a coat...I shared! I was very glad to have had said blanket by the end of the evening.

The bride and groom were beautiful and handsome, their attendants were stunning, and their flower girl and ring bearer were scene stealers. Lovely dinner, watched the cake being cut, then decided we were too old and cold to stay for the dancing.

When we returned to our motel, I put on all the clothes I could find and piled up in the bed to warm up. I was very charming looking, I must say. The best was the sweater on top of the nightgown, and the socks. TBO laughed, but I did get warm!

As some know, I am not a great fan of gray, dark, rainy days. I am OFFICIALLY ready for a little sunshine now. The weather forecast is not looking promising until Friday. I will be looking forward to Friday with great anticipation!