Sunday, October 4, 2009

Showered Out

Yesterday my friend had two, count 'em, two showers at her home! One, a baby shower for her youngest daughter and two, a wedding shower for her last unmarried son's impending nuptials.

Since we live on the opposite side of the county from my friend and her husband, TBO took me up to their house yesterday morning and dropped me off at 7:30 am on his way to a men's meeting. Only my friend and her husband, whom I had awakened with my agreed upon phone call were up...for a few moments. The oldest of the four grandchildren staying with them soon joined us and we were busy with the feeding and watering of them, then the youngest was up, nursed, and I got to play with her for a while so her Mom could get a shower.

Full blown prep mode ensued for the baby shower at 10:00. Arranging the tables, making sure the drinks were ready, giving lessons on telling time to the anxious little guys about the arrival of their much beloved cousin, generally trying to help. The shower was beautiful, food sublime, lots of wonderful gifts for the sweet little guy who is due to make his appearance in about 7 weeks...can't believe it's time already!

Clean up, load the dishwasher, wrangle the baby, visit with said baby's parents and aunt and uncle a little, enjoy a little down time with my special, God sent friend who never lets me whine! Then, whammo, it is time to begin preparations for the next shower. We work to find the best arrangement of chairs and tables for the food and drinks. The caterer arrives-such a sweetie-so accommodating and willing to work with my friend and her desires. Another bout of time telling lessons, and now it is time for the next shower.

Again, lots of fun people, lovely gifts and a grand time had by all. Looking forward to seeing all these people in about a month at the wedding! TBO and I left about 9:30 pm to make the trek home. Amazing day, but I was ready for my bed. Hope things are back in order in the north portion of the county!

I am so blessed by the Lord with wonderful friends who allow me to participate fully in their lives and the lives of their children. And for their children who allow me access to them, too!

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Janie at Sounding Forth said...

That sounds like a full, fun day!

Love ya!