Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am ecstatic to report success in two areas that have been bugging the crap out of me lately: a dress to wear to our son's wedding in June and a venue for the rehearsal dinner for said wedding. With help from blogging buddies these two items are now off my plate!

Janie, from Soundingforth, found the PERFECT dress last week out in Midland. To top off the color, cut, style, etc., it was on sale for $36. Can you beat that? I think not. It was not exactly the color my new daughter-in-law had suggested, but, when she saw the dress last night, she agreed that it was THE ONE!!!!

Snooty Primadona has also helped me in the venue department. Although none of her suggestions were used, she at least got me moving and looking at places in Oklahoma City. TBO and I made a trip up to OKC on Monday with the express goal of finding a venue. Actually, TBO did almost all the work once we were in OKC and got online and everything.,,thanks, honey. He set up the appointment for the place we ultimately contracted with and downtown we went. Everything was what I had envisioned and we had our son, the groom to be, with us and he approved also. We are set. Signed, sealed, not quite delivered, but I am confident we chose wisely. Before we left the restaurant, we decided to have lunch and try some of the entrees on the list for the dinner. Had a great server who was just the right amount of attentive. The food was excellent. And to top it off, when we got the check, the manager had comped our meals. I was blown away again. Now just the minor details of the invitations, response cards, decorations....

Friday, April 10, 2009


I know I said I hated wallpaper, but now I have turned my hatred to painting. I had successfully avoided painting much more than a little patch in my hallway until yesterday. I now remember why I haven't painted in about 30 is messy, you have to go up and down ladders--for someone of my size that is a BIG issue--and some people criticize your work (as if!)

We have, hopefully, one more coat to finish the guest bathroom then, if we haven't killed one another, we may try to finish the powder room, which only needs one coat of color, again, said with hope! Finally, one coat on the kitchen ceiling and the walls and we have our project finished. I just don't know if I can make it.

TBO acted as if I had asked him to commit some major crime when I asked him if he would rehang the trim around the doors of the bathroom. I guess he was just going to leave the sheetrock showing...I don't think so! Anyway, that may involve painting be continued.