Monday, June 11, 2007

High School Basketball in June

My friend and I went to Shawnee, OK over the weekend to watch my nephew play in the Faith 7 Basketball Game at OBU. It was a fun trip for us as we got to talk uninterrupted for the 3 1/2 hour ride and also got to see some of the "all star" graduated senior ballplayers from Oklahoma and Texas. My nephew who is 6'9" and 230 looked a little small around at least one of the other players from Oklahoma! The extra 15 pounds the other guy carried was impressive! The game was interesting to watch...lots of showboating, but not so much that the game suffered. I only saw one really blatant ball hogging moment, but there could have been more. The Oklahoma team won, and my nephew scored at least 12 points for them.

Gyms are HOT in June, even with air conditioning. Perhaps that's why the regular season is played in the winter...

I took this particular friend with me since she was a former high school star herself...all 5'1", 98 pounds (probably less in high school). Back in the days when girls only played half court, she was a monster guard, and could steal the ball from anyone! She has been a special friend ever since I moved to the metroplex...she has boys around my boys' ages and has graciously shared her family with all of us over the years. We were without grandparents in the area and her mom and dad would watch all of our kids for us if we needed to do something after school. Extra grandparents are such a bonus. My kids were blessed, and so was I. Thanks Memaw and Pepaw!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Letting Go

It has come to my attention that I haven't posted in a while. Mostly that is because my life is pretty dull, and I am a little intimidated by the blogs I guys really have a gift for putting everyday life into really fun sounding experiences.

I'm learning a great deal about myself and my relationship to my children these days. Now that my "baby" is 23 I've discovered that if I'd let the Lord have His way long ago, I'd probably still have red hair. I always felt it was written in the mommy code that I had to worry, fret and stew about every aspect of their sweet little lives. Now, at 32, 27 and 23 I'm finding out that I need to entrust them totally to the One in Whose hands their dad and I put them as we dedicated them to Him. RATS!!! All those wasted hours, what were they doing?, who were they with?, how were their grades?,etc.

Now I am embarking on a new season of TRYING to let those boys deal with the Father Who loves them more than I ever could, and pray that they will hear His voice, not the nagging voice of their mom. Growing up is hard on all concerned...parents, too! I am letting go of the apron strings and believing that my God will take care of the boys He gave me to share.