Monday, August 4, 2008

Jury Duty and Other Happenings

I received my jury summons a couple of weeks ago. This is NOT the most convenient time for me to do my civic duty, but decided that rather than risk winding up in the pokey, I would hie myself downtown this morning at 8:00 am. The good thing about the time was that it was ONLY about 85 degrees while I waited for the shuttle bus, but even that wasn't enough when I had to wait for a second shuttle! It didn't bode well when the bailiff of the juries said that there would be standing room only today, either. I did, however, find a seat. Whew! After two hours I was picked to be in the reserve jury pool for the afternoon. Basically, I had from 10:00 until 1:30 free, then had to report back to the jury check-in room in case I was "needed". At 3:00, I was released, donated my $6 pay and headed for the hacienda. I've never been seated on a jury, I was picked for one, but before the jury was seated, the parties settled. My hubby has been on several juries and also has been the foreman. I don't think I would mind being on a jury, but man, the sitting around waiting and the voir dire (sic) process wears me out.

Our oldest son passed his journeyman electrician's test today! I am so happy for him. He's been close a couple of times, but today, he did it. It doesn't affect him so much with the job he's on right now, but will definitely make a big difference in the future. Way to go MLO!

My mom has been down in her back for the last several days. So bad that she even went to the doctor-a major concession on her part. The doctor took x-rays, then wanted an MRI too. Scared all of us a little bit but there is no fracture at all! So she's good to boogie down again! Ha. But she does feel like she will be able to come to our house this weekend for her great grandson's first birthday party. I'm really very thankful and relieved. Mom already has had both knees replaced and one hip replaced. I don't know if she was really ready to have back surgery.


Janie said...

I've been summoned (is that a word?) but not had to serve, either.

Congrats on Mike passing his test! Woohoo!! And on the little munchkin's first birthday..that will be fun!!

I'll be praying for Mom.

Snooty Primadona said...

Good for your Mom! And double good for your son!

I completely sympathize with your Mom. My back has become a major issue and I'm not enjoying it in the least.