Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My family has a rather unique sense of humor, especially concerning death and funerals. When my father passed away, he was cremated and had left instructions to have his ashes spread over his favorite golf holes. It was December, and Mom wasn't up to golfing then...although Dad would have been out no matter the temperature or conditions.

Consequently, Dad's remains were stored in the hall closet until spring. One day, my Mom saw my sister standing in the door of the closet, just looking into it. She asked her, "What are you doing?" My sister replied, rather testily I might add, "I'm talking to Dad!", shut the door and came back to the den.

We also are prone to making bad jokes and laughing inappropriately at such things as funerals...a classic line is from some movie my children quote, "We put the FUN in funeral." I don't think we have ever gotten as hysterical as Mary Tyler Moore did in the episode about Chuckles the Clown, but it has been close.

All of this drivel to say that the memorial service (memserv) for our dear friend was held last Saturday. It was so well done, I hope that everyone who attended was as blessed as I was. There were memory boards of her life displayed, from birth until just a couple of months before her passing. Her family had examples of her handwork-quilts, afghans, dresses, cross stitch-displayed. It was magnificent.

Her children were there, of course, and her grandchildren, and all of us who had been her "other" children. It was good to see so many of those people who had been blessed by her life. This was a wonderful memserv! I think she would have loved it!


Janie said...

Awesome. I know you'll miss her, but I'm glad it went well,.

love y'all.

Gretchen said...

Our family is like that, too. We mourn, but try to remember all the good, too.

Snooty Primadona said...

I understand perfectly. I've ALWAYS laughed at inappropriate times. Or any time I get nervous, or tickled or whatever.