Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barcelona Bound

I will post this, then begin wending my way to the airport to head for Barcelona, Spain. I am so excited, I haven't slept much for the last two nights. I hope the persons on either side of me on the flight to Barcelona aren't too bothered by my snoring!

I'm meeting the bearded one at the docks in Barcelona where we will be getting on a cruise ship-our first!- with our best friends in the world for a Western Meditteranean Cruise. Watch out Italy, here we come! Then we will be going to the Canary Islands for a conference after the cruise.

I probably won't be posting while I'm away, but will be keeping a journal to update everyone on our adventures. Hasta luego! Dios les bendiga.


Janie said...

Have fun, chica, we love y'all!

Snooty Primadona said...

Hey, I always snore too. I just try not to actually look at anyone after the flight & pray to God we don't know anyone in common, lol.