Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Ramblings

I have been fighting with my computer since I last posted almost a month ago.  The computer, unfortunately,  has been winning.  I have been able to view other people's posts, and sometimes make comments (I know you have been blessed), but haven't been able to open my blogspot to make my scintillating observations.  

Yesterday, the bearded one fixed my "side" of the home computer.  I am now back in the 21st century, so to speak.  I can now e-mail, blog, bank online, etc. with impunity.  I am soooo excited.

This has been a strange December for me.  I didn't have anyone under the age of 60 around to help get the Christmas boxes out of the attic.  I have been banned from attics since I stepped through an unfloored section in our old house about ten years ago and ended up on the washing machine!  Anyway, I, who love to put up a tree and decorate with my limited abilities have been stymied this year.  I am sure that in January, I will be glad that I don't have to face taking it all down and getting it up to the attic, but I do miss my "Christmas things".

We went to Oklahoma City last week to attend the annual Lifechange Ballroom competition.  It was an awesome show.  Eight groups of fifth graders competed for the traveling trophy.  These were the best of the best...the program is now in about 24 elementary schools and these students won the preliminary round to come to the "big show".  Kudos to my sister for her vision and perseverance to make this happen for these children.  In many of these schools, there has been a marked increase in test scores and a marked decrease in discipline referrals.  As Cindy says, this is a mentoring program disguised as a dance class!  

Last Friday I went to pick up my check for subbing in the last pay period.  I was so blown away to discover that one of my former ESL students is now an assistant to the business manager for the school district.  She has her BBA and is being groomed to take this woman's position.  Who knew when she came and could speak no English that she would accomplish this?   I am excited that I had even a tiny part to play in her success, because I know that each of my former students worked so very hard to achieve all their goals.  

We are looking forward to a visit from our youngest son and his wife tonight before they go on to her parents' home for Christmas.  We will see them again at her parents' on Christmas day for food, fun and fellowship.  We will be picking up our grandson in Fort Worth on the 26th and taking him back to Lawton to have Christmas with his dad and family as well as our middle son and his fiance and JM's great aunt.  

Following the Christmas festivities in Lawton, we will be heading to Frederick for the weekend.  We missed our annual Christmas/NewYears visit last year due to TBO's sister's surgery, but will take up where we left off.  Looking forward to food, wine and games galore when we get there.


Snooty Primadona said...

It sounds like it's going to be a wonderful Christmas for you all. Be happy and be safe!

Glad to hear the computer is back up & behaving...

Janie said...

YAAAAH! Back in the land of the living!!

SpookyRach said...

Hey Pam!

Glad to hear you have a computer guru who's handy. It certainly helps.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I was just starting to read Strong Poison. I had unintentionally read most of the Harriet books, in backwards order. First Busman's Honeymoon, then Gaudy Night, and finally Strong Poison. Working on Have His Carcase at the moment!