Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Again

The bearded one has returned from his trip to Ukraine, Denmark and Norway. I was really glad to see him come out of the customs area at DFW yesterday afternoon. I'm thinking that 3 week trips without me are going to become rarer. I miss the old guy something fierce when he's gone, and he misses me, too.

It was a successful trip to hear his stories, with invitations to return and go to new places, too. TBO thinks that he will do some of this at the end of our trip to Spain in the fall. I probably won't grouse too much about coming on home since the invites to minister are all at "new" venues for us. TBO likes to scope these out by himself...not wanting to subject me to possible poor living conditions. I think it is kinda sweet, but hello, we've been married almost 34 years...I am hardly a shrinking violet, or terribly fussy. Although one of the places he stayed this last trip sounded a little dicey!

But, as I said, it is nice to have him home. Nice to be back in the usual routine, such as it is...

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Janie said...

TBO, eh?

That's funny.

Glad he's home! love y'all.