Monday, June 2, 2008

Learning to be a lefty

I am sooo excited. Our grandson is coming tomorrow to spend a few days with us before he goes to his mom's for the summer. There is only one, major, purple problem. His right arm is in a cast from his fingers to past his elbow! Now I am not worried about bathing or anything mundane like that, as we have experience with casts around here. His father broke both feet, one at a time, thankfully, within a three month period.

But for crying out loud, what do you do with a terribly creative little guy who loves to draw, play games, build with legos, and bake cookies when his strong hand is bunged up? I'm thinking we will learn to be ambidextrous. Yes? No?

Anyway, I'm in the process of thinking up things to keep him busy, entertained and reasonably calm. Maybe he can learn to Wii left handed...and sitting down (the calm part!)

He is reading The Chronicles of Narnia, so I know we will be going to see Prince Caspian, and has learned to snap a whip like Indiana Jones left handed while visiting his great aunt, so maybe there is hope for ambidexterity! We shall see what we can accomplish this week. Stay tuned.


Snooty Primadona said...

Hey there! Hope you're having fun with the grandson, in spite of the cast. My suggestions? Movies, the Zoo, lots of trips to Chuck-E-Cheese(?), House of Wax(?), Medievil Times(?), the drive-through Animal Kingdon place. I can't remember the name. Since he's a boy, it might be worth it to take him to The Rattlesnake Ranch on I-20, past Ft. Worth. I kept trying to think of things to do with a broken arm and there just aren't that many activities. So, Good Luck!

Donnetta Lee said...

Pam: I just saw over at Snooty's that you are another Okie. Come over and see me some time! I live in the OKC metro area.

Have a wonderful time with your grandson. I, too, love Narnia!


Janie said...

How is Hoosteen doing?

Kay said...

Oh my, I just bumped into your blog and enjoyed this post because it brought back memories of my 29 year old son when he was 4 and then 5 when he broke his left first and then his right arm. It sure was a challenge. I remember having to wrap his arm in a bread bag for his baths. I still have those casts, too.