Friday, June 20, 2008

Water Heater Blues

In my last blog I related my love of cleaning, especially cleaning up after the Queen...NOT. Anyway, yesterday was spent vacuuming and using the carpet steamer to get up the last of the stains from Tuesday's "accidents". The carpet was looking pretty good...I was heading back to the guest room to lay out towels for Janie and Steve, when I stepped in a puddle of COLD water.

GREAT!! The air conditioner had been running pretty much non-stop since I finished steaming to try to help finish the drying process. I'm thinking it is the condensation tube blocked up again...all over my freshly cleaned carpet. The bearded one begins his fixing...runs into some problems, needs more tools...hustles off to Home Depot at 8:30 pm. Our friends are due any time and now it looks like we might not have air conditioning.

TBO comes back, gets everything just about done, our friends TBO is replacing the air filter in the ac unit, Steve says, "Hey, Mike, I think your water heater is leaking." It is...all fittings are sweated on, it's 10:30 pm, too late to call plumber...or get a water heater for that matter.

After much ado about water in the hallway, both wives bailing on them, TBO and Steve get most of the water out of the tank. But of course, that leaves us hot waterless for the morning. Not too bad for me since I showered late in the afternoon after my cleaning jag, but kind of hard for our guests and TBO. TBO took a quick cold shower and got a few hours of sleep before having to get to a meeting this morning. Before he left he was able to get hold of a plumber and get us in the queue for having a new water heater installed today. Yay TBO!!!!

New water heater installed, I hear the plumber say, "Ma'am?" I'm thinking this may not be good...not bad so much-as another slight inconvenience. The new water heater is just enough smaller in height so that the electric wires that cause it to heat the water won't TBO, plumber tells him the sad story and what he needs to buy to finish the job. TBO comes in, rewires, and presto, change-o, another one and a half hours later, we have hot water.

Also, why do we call them HOT WATER HEATERS? If the water were hot, we wouldn't need a heater, right?

I'm just curious...I think I'll go take a shower now.

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Snooty Primadona said...

Ummmmm... Right! Did you know that they're all made by just one or two companies? That has always blown my mind. I hate when the stupid things go bad & flood everything. I have a lot of experience with this and a hubby that IS NOT a handyman. Oh, Mr. Snooty just clarified this. There's only 1 or 2 companies that make the OLD KIND LIKE OURS, lol. God forbid we should ever have anything new in this house...