Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wallpaper, I hate wallpaper!

I have been stripping wallpaper last night and today in preparation for popcorn ceilings being removed and texture applied onto said stripped walls. Some of you know that this process began about 2 years ago with me pulling the paper off the kitchen walls and the powder room walls...still bare sheetrock today. Now the walls of the second bathroom are bare also even as I write this, the ceiling is being scraped.

We are one step closer to having paint on the walls, hallelujah. Possibly tomorrow we will have texture and smooth ceilings.

Now, I just have to get my hands, back and legs to quit hurting...where is my ibuprofen bottle?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extra Grandma

I am the "extra grandma" for six, soon to be eight sweet little darlings, whose paternal grandma has gone on to be with the Lord.  Last week I spent time with the newest addition.  Oh, man, those little girls are something to behold! Having only had boys and acquiring a fourteen year old granddaughter when she entered our family, it is most interesting to see these tiny girl children and their activities. 

Has anyone but me and my mom made the amazing discovery that no matter what the size of the girl baby, they just "feel" different, lighter somehow?  Boys seem to have more bulk about them...I don't know if it's all in my mind or what.  Nevertheless, this newest one is like a little feather and has two cute big brothers and a precious big sister.  Love spending time with them and their parents, who are some of the most consistent parents I've known.  

I enjoyed the time with them, but was glad to get home to our quiet home on the circle...I only have the Queen to answer to right now, well, also TBO, but he is a little easier to talk to!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Vacuum Cleaner Woes

I have a fairly new vacuum...not quite three years old. Last week when I was using it, I discovered that the hose attachment wasn't working well. I figured it needed some kind of adjustment, maybe a new belt, who knows?

I get out the trusty manual and discover that wonder of wonders, we bought an extended warranty serviced policy on said appliance (we rarely do). TBO takes the vacuum to the store to see about getting it fixed. While in the store, it works great, so he brings it home and we just think the ride to the store and the possibility of major surgery scared the little darling into sucking well.

Today, as I am preparing for my future daughter-in-law and our son to be here, I get trusty vacuum out to clean up a little. Seems fine for a while, hose attachment has lots of suction, change it for the carpet, then when I get ready to vacuum the rest of the tiled floors...NO SUCTION! Dagnab it, I feel like it knew that I needed it so badly and is just laughing up its little dirt bag. I guess I will have to take it to the store again and try to get it to act up. Perhaps I can explain the problem better, or maybe I'll just run the risk of having to pay a $40 service fee if the people they send it to can't find anything wrong.

I wonder if they give out loaners?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wedding Preparations

Although the mother of the groom has little to do except to "wear beige and smile" as a friend of mine's sister-in law-told her (both ladies only had sons, as do I), there are a few things I must do.

Number one, is to find the flipping beige dress! I believe I have found the one I want, but I am waiting a few more weeks in hopes of losing a few pounds before purchasing--hope springs eternal. I am just so glad that Omar the Tentmaker has a fairly lovely selection this spring! My future daughter-in-law asked if I would wear either champagne or navy-gotta love it-two of my BEST colors. Anyway, this one meets all of our requirements-sleeves & below the knee length (for me), and in a lovely champagne color. Now, I'm on the lookout for a grandmother of the groom dress in navy for my mom....

Number two, I must find a place to have a rehearsal dinner. Not generally a problem, but when you are 250 miles from the city (Oklahoma City where the bride and groom live) in which this dinner is to take place, it does pose some interesting issues. Like, get me a guest list, or just a number! The wedding is in June, so I know that many places will be booked up pretty soon. I warned the groom that it might be KFC in a park if he doesn't get on the ball..

Number three, the wedding itself is not going to be in OKC, but Tulsa, another 70 miles up the turnpike. Why, you may ask? A lot of it is due to wanting a beautiful venue at a decent price. I believe they have found such a place. As it turns out, the venue was the childhood home of a friend of my father's-who was born in Tulsa. It is now a B&B and has lovely grounds, etc. My brother, who lives in Tulsa, told me that this friend of our father came to see him when he first went to work in Tulsa. My mom then remembered that this man's mom and my grandmother had been This bridge buddies! This gives me a little history to hang onto.

Last problem is finding someone to "do" my hair for the wedding...although I think I've got that covered. Being inept with a hair dryer and round brush scares me for the pictures...but if I didn't have something to worry about, what would I do? I am sure all will be well....I'll let you know in June!