Saturday, May 15, 2010

Springtime in Texas

I love spring...just not the severe weather that seems to be requisite with the season.  Yesterday, along with the rest of the entire state, we were inundated with rain and thunderstorms.  I was minding my own business when crack! the lights went out!

I called the prescribed number (proscribed?, given?) and actually talked to a human being, who gave me a confirmation number and told me to call back in "a couple of hours" to check on a time frame for restoration of power.  

I am, of course, home alone at this point, without a car, but, it is cool outside and not raining cats and dogs, YET.  Call TBO and ask if I should move the generator we bought during the power outage in February to the porch.  It was deemed a good idea before the deluge began in earnest.
Mind you, I have no idea of how to connect the generator to anything, but it is ready for use when TBO gets home!

After four hours, I decide to call and check on the status of our work order.  I am surprised to once again get a human being on the line.  Not so impressed with her people skills, however...I imagine she had had one too many huffy customers, but she still left me with a bad case of feeling like I had stepped all over her toes.  I actually had tried very hard to be patient, but she wasn't having any of it.  Customer service?  I don't think so.

We had decided to go to the movies yesterday, so off we go.  Saw Robin Hood, which we both enjoyed...I spent a great deal of time with my hands over my eyes in battle scenes, but all in all, it was very good.  Called the house to see if the answering machine functioned power. Had dinner, still no power.  Bought more gasoline for the generator so TBO could have his CPAP during the night and we could have a few lights and hook up the fridge.  

As we entered the circle, lights were on in every house around us- except our next door neighbor and us...woe is us.  Try calling the energy provider, but only get automated response...I am beginning to become a little cranky...ok, a LOT cranky.  Around 9:00 I receive a call from a real live person from said provider.  She couldn't explain why we were the only ones in our neighborhood without power, but assured me they were out working and we would be back online as soon as possible. Different person from earlier in the day, and I made sure she knew I appreciated her kindness and the return call.

I went to bed realizing that I really had no reason to be so dang upset...I didn't have a hole in my roof, or no roof at all, I had a generator and a good flashlight.  Added bonus of the outside temperature being in the sixties...perfect sleeping weather.  Decided I should really get over the crankies!

At 4:20 this morning, the TV came back to life, the ceiling fans began to turn and we returned to the 21st century.  I got up to turn off lights and the TV, and saw the number of trucks it took to get us back online...looked like a convention out on our street!  So, thank you to all those men and women who go out in the elements to make my life easier.  I hope that the Customer Service Rep I had yesterday gets some sleep and feels better soon.  I am blessed!

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Snooty Primadona said...

We've been having some crazy weather too. Also the kind that you're thankful to make it through without too much loss. Looks like it's moved out of here for now, but around these parts, you just never know...