Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, our newest daughter-in-law pulled off a surprise 30th birthday party for our middle son last Friday night!  Kudos to Karissa!  She had been worried that he might have figured something out, but, from his reaction, I'd say that it was a total success.  KT said he'd never had a surprise party before, so this was especially fun for him.

He and his sweetie are on the way to Mexico, even as I write, to enjoy some sun and beach time and celebrate his "real" birthday on Wednesday.  I hope they have a wonderful, relaxing time and that the weather will cooperate for them.   Happy, happy birthday to you, KT.  May you have many, many more.  I love you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunshine in the Morning

Ahhh, wonderful sight this morning...the sun in its glory shining in my bathroom window to greet me as I awoke.  Bliss, pure bliss.  Plus, our furnace was still working--it had been cranky yesterday and we still had the power on.

The joy of being able to flip a switch and have lights, or cook, or just your basic coffee!  I now know that I would have been a poor pioneer.  I do not have the stuff it takes to rough it for very long.  I guess if I had been born in that era it would have been different, since I wouldn't have known any different, but, thank you very much, I believe I'll just continue my life in the 21st century.

Thank you to the wonderful electric company provider repair people who worked so hard to restore the power to us and so many others.  You people are amazing.  I know you faced the worst of the storm getting here, and working out in it.  I am grateful for your expertise.  May those of you who traveled from great distances to help us out in Texas have traveling mercies home and those who are based here, also have a sense of the gratitude those of us who benefitted from your work experienced.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow, snow, go away

It is official. I am sick of winter. I am sick of being cold. I am sick of gray skies. I am sick of sitting in the DARK in my house because my electricity has gone out.

How, pray tell, you may ask, are you blogging? TBO got us a generator. Now, our food stash will not have to be trashed, and we can have a few lights on this evening, and maybe even watch a movie. But best of all, TBO can have his breathing machine.

I am so happy that we have a fireplace, and that it actually seems to produce a little heat. I also am ecstatic that our sons were in the Boy Scouts and that their dad was a designated camping person! He has a most wonderful down filled sleeping bag that has kept me from freezing my extremities today.

I know that one day of no power is no big thing. I truly do. I am so grateful for the noisy generator out on our patio--set way out from the house--that I can hardly believe it. Hoping that the power will return during the night, but if not, there is a promise of a hot shower in the morning!  Even if it is at my friend's house across town!

My fingers are getting too cold to type, so it's back to the bag for me. Stay warm everyone.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is There Still a Sun Out There?

I know it is winter, and that means some gray, nasty days. What concerns me is that since I live in TEXAS, not the Pacific Northwest, I think there should be a few more SUNNY days here. We did have one nice, sunny day sometime in the last week, but I forget when it was, due to my SAD. All I can say is that I am sorely upset that the groundhog saw his shadow.

TBO and I are dieting, and as a result, we are much more susceptible to the cold, I guess. Many days in the last week or so have found us bundled up to our noses while sitting in the house, whose thermometer resolutely states it is 68 degrees F. I, who am never cold, have taken to wearing socks to bed, long sleeved gowns WITH pajama pants. I am a sight to behold.

I am supposed to sub tomorrow and have outside duty after school...I think the rain is due to let up and it has been forecast to be up to a balmy 50 degrees F. I sincerely hope the weatherman has made a good forecast. If it is still raining in the morning, come by the school for an interesting show of cold/wet weather attire. Flannel nightgowns and pjs are part of the teacher's dress code, I'm sure!?